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Bosch Home Appliances Sees Significant Traffic Increase With Taboola

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Bosch Home Appliances Sees Significant Traffic Increase With Taboola

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Bosch Home Appliances is a leading global manufacturer of home appliances and belongs to the Bosch Group which offers products, technology and services including Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. segmenta communications, marketing agency for Bosch Home Appliances Germany, supports clients with digital and social media solutions as well as brand and corporate communications.


segmenta and Bosch Home Germany relaunched the “Bosch erleben Magazin” with the goal of leading users to product pages for small kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners. Their challenge was to increase the magazine’s visibility and to generate more site traffic.


Use Taboola as a content marketing partner to promote the magazine content in the most smart and effective ways through native ads.


Through their 2020 campaign, segmenta and Bosch Home Germany achieved convincing results in all relevant metrics such as CPC and CTR as well as Cost per Visit and Cost per Product View. The results were also very competitive compared to the accompanying social campaign.

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For Bosch Home Appliances Germany and their agency, segmenta communications, content marketing has always been a key element within the marketing strategy with a focus on editorial-first writing/content. The lifestyle magazine “Bosch erleben” has been a part of the ongoing marketing activities ever since its relaunch in the beginning of 2019.

When seeking a new way to amplify the magazine’s editorial content, Taboola was a logical partner. Taboola helps segmenta to promote the content by reaching audiences that are most likely to be receptive to it via influential German publishers.

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“Bosch erleben” is a Perfect Example of Thoughtful Content Marketing

“Bosch erleben” is a Perfect Example of Thoughtful Content Marketing

The Bosch Home Germany content marketing strategy centers around “Bosch erleben” (in English: “Experience Bosch”), a collection of household
tips and life hack content.

As segmenta began working with Taboola to promote the magazine’s content, the experience was synergistic. The imagery segmenta was already creating for Bosch Home Germany was easily repurposed for Taboola sponsored content: geared towards clear and content-focused ads.

The post-click experience was also important for segmenta and Taboola. By creating unique ads for every sponsored article and aligning the headline and image to it, these pieces of sponsored content are editorial-first and contribute to its huge success.

A Broad Targeting Approach Lends Itself to Content for Everyone

Given the nature of the content they are creating, segmenta approaches targeting by keeping the audience in mind and through creating content that is truly applicable and relevant for a wide variety of people.

As a general rule of thumb, Taboola recommends beginning a campaign with wide targeting, hence this approach was synergistic as well. Together, Taboola and segmenta made the creative elements of the sponsored content attract the right audience’s attention. For example, an ad leading to an article about the best meals to make for kids would feature imagery of parents and children as well as a headline copy clearly stating what could be expected post-click.

For Bosch Home Germany, segmenta says that there is a native element for every concept they work on, and Taboola will continue to be a go-to resource for them to turn to.

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With our content marketing approach for Bosch Home Appliances, Taboola helps us promote the articles natively via relevant publishers. As we generated great results, we implemented the promotion in our ongoing marketing activities.

- Dario Jürgens, Director Digital Unit, segmenta communications (marketing agency for Bosch Home Appliances Germany)