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Taboola campaigns generate higher-quality leads than display for Wave Mega City

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Online Storytelling Provides Value to Interested Apartment Buyers

  • 2X Time on Site
  • 100% More Pages Per Visit
  • 15% Boost in Quality Registrations

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Wave Mega City is a first-of-its kind real estate development, based in the capital territory of Delhi, that offers a dynamic mix of luxury residences, premium office space, and vibrant commercial shopping centers.


Educate real estate buyers in the National Capital Region (NCR) about Wave Mega City’s apartment offerings and convert interested prospects into new leads.


Utilize Taboola’s discovery platform to promote Hindi-language content marketing campaigns on contextually relevant sites across the web.


Taboola-referred users were over 100% more engaged than those from display channels, generating a 15% boost in quality buyer registrations.

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Wave Mega City is a first-of-its kind real estate development based in Noida, India, a booming city just miles outside the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi. The development’s futuristic design brings together a dynamic mix of luxury residential properties, commercial office space, and retail storefronts in a vibrant city center.

Online Storytelling Provides Value to Interested Apartment Buyers

Research has always been a significant part of real estate purchases and the team at Wave Mega City found that 90 percent of buyers reading online content about a property before considering an investment.

To service this need in the market, Wave Mega City built a robust online blog featuring content about apartment living, local real estate trends, tips to consider when buying a new property, and more. The company then teamed up with Taboola to promote its content to relevant users across the web, driving engaged visitors back to the Wave Mega City website.

Hindi-Language Campaigns Drive 100% More Engaged Users Then Display

Given that Wave Mega City was targeting prospective buyers based in the NCR, a sizable part of its audience skewed towards the vernacular language. Taboola worked with Wave Mega City to launch a campaign of blog posts in Hindi, promoting those pages on contextually relevant sites across the web — spanning news, business, and finance verticals — reaching people at a valuable moment when they were more likely to be interested in learning about real estate in India.

As a result of this optimization, Hindi-language campaigns saw immediate increases in click-through-rates and post-click engagement, including on-site comments, content downloads, video videos, and form-fills. Native speakers who clicked on one of these campaigns were significantly more engaged than users arriving via display channels, spending twice as much time on-site and consuming double the amount of pages-per-visit.

Taboola Generates 15% Boost in Quality Buyer Registrations

Although buying real estate is often an extensive process, Wave Mega City has already seen a significant boost from its native-language discovery campaigns. The collaboration with Taboola drove a 15 percent boost in quality buyer registrations and inquiries about Wave Mega City’s residential offerings.

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Effective online storytelling efforts require both quality content creation and strategic promotion across the web. Taboola’s discovery platform not only enables our team to drive more engaged audiences to our site, but their internalized content marketing know-how further unlocked new opportunities to better reach Hindi-language speakers and generate interest in our residential properties.

- Ram Jalan, VP Digital Marketing and Strategy at The Wave Group