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SOCIOPAL Gets 30% more Mobile App Downloads without Increasing Spend


Reaching Audiences Via Taboola’s Content Discovery Platform

  • 30% Increase in App Downloads

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SOCIOPAL is a free mobile application geared for small businesses to help them manage their online marketing strategies at their fingertips.


Increase customer acquisitions through app downloads while keeping a lower cost-per-lead.


Leverage Taboola’s targeting technology to reach small business owners through recommended content.


Increase in application downloads without increasing ad spend.

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Most small businesses are in a constant struggle to turn a profit and fight back against big brands, however they rarely have the time, budget, and know-how to leverage the web and social media for acquiring and retaining customers. SOCIOPAL, a popular free app, makes it possible for any business owner to harness the power of online marketing by spending just a few minutes every week posting content curated by SOCIOPAL and engaging with followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Driving Mobile App Downloads

Since its launch, SOCIOPAL has focused on online campaigns targeted at acquiring those users who would stand to gain the most value from the app—small USbased businesses.

Taboola Enables SOCIOPAL to Scale Acquisition without Increasing Cost

In its pursuit of additional innovative and highly effective download campaigns, SOCIOPAL turned to content discovery for customer acquisition. The marketing team created a couple of blog posts targeted to small business owners and added CTA buttons, offering users a free download. They then used Taboola to distribute the blog posts across its network of premium publishers, and Taboola’s recommendation engine was used to optimize the campaign for downloads. Results were outstanding. SOCIOPAL drove 30% more downloads of its app without increasing its ad spend.

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The SOCIOPAL app helps small businesses market themselves through content, so using Taboola’s content discovery platform was an easy decision for us. With just a little help from Taboola, we were able to launch our content campaign and drive cost-per-lead down, so now we are getting more app downloads for the same cost.

- Tamar Shor, CEO and Co-Founder, SOCIOPAL