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Coverfox Refines Content Strategy and Achieves Significant ROI with Taboola

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Great Content Insights and an Excellent ROI

  • 63% Decrease in Cost Per Lead

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Coverfox is a simple, affordable and reliable insurance online marketplace for bike, car, health, travel and term life insurance.


Identify useful and high-performing content for users, while also achieving a strong return on investment (ROI) for creative campaigns.


Use Taboola’s discovery platform to analyze the best content to reach their maximum audience, while also achieving a positive ROI.


Exceeded their goals for ROI, decreasing their CPL by 63%.

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Based in Maharashtra, India, Coverfox is a simple, affordable and reliable insurance online marketplace for bike, car, health, travel and term life insurance. With 25 insurers and 100+ products to choose from, Coverfox works actively to find a plan that is ideal for their customers.

Their mission is to simplify the insurance process. From providing customers with all the right information, to offering unbiased comparisons, they do it all. Customers don’t even need to engage with the insurer themselves.

Discovery Campaigns Saw Unique Success on Taboola

Discovery Campaigns Saw Unique Success on Taboola

Coverfox began working with Taboola after using several other leading paid distribution channels, including another leading content discovery platform. While some of these platforms didn’t give them the best reach for their budget, others weren’t able to provide them with the insights they needed in regards to optimization and publisher-level data.

After launching their first campaign, Coverfox worked with their Taboola account manager and content experts to find the right audience mix and decreased their cost per lead. Their lead to sale ratio was close to what they generated with search campaigns—which is to say, they were generating very high intent leads with Taboola.

Coverfox Decreased their CPL by 63% with Taboola

By just beginning to run creative campaigns with Taboola, Coverfox decreased their CPL by 33%. After they saw this success, they leveraged the expertise of their Taboola account manager who suggested several changes in creatives across the funnel, to finally achieve a decrease in CPL of 63%.

Coverfox intends to expand their relationship with Taboola, extending their efforts in retargeting, and content distribution in the vernacular language of several other regions. For Coverfox, Taboola is an integral part of not just their content marketing initiatives, but also as a performance marketing channel for customer acquisition.

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While many content distribution channels allowed us to judge our articles for things like average time on page, visitors per session, share metrics and more, Taboola was able to do all this, and excel in meeting our ROI goals—cost per lead and cost per acquisition.

- Jaimit Doshi, CMO, Coverfox