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CNN Greece Significantly Grows Revenue and Pageviews with Taboola Feed

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With Taboola, Readers Receive a Personalized Discovery Experience

  • 32% Increase in RPM (Revenue per Thousand Pageviews)
  • 9.5% Decrease in Bounce Rate
  • 10.3% Uplift in Pageviews per Session

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Company is a leading digital publisher in Greece delivering breaking news on weather, entertainment, politics, health, and more in Greece and around the world. Project Agora analyzes and enhances the performance of top local publishers’ advertising inventory.


Increase recirculation, pageviews, and time spent per session while decreasing bounce rate and lifting RPM.


Implement Taboola Feed, a discovery platform that easily adapted to CNN’s site, to provide a personalized reading experience in a purely native, non-intrusive way.


A 32% lift in RPM and a 10.3% increase in pageviews per session, along with a 9.5% lower bounce rate.

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Introduction is a leading source of the latest and breaking news in Greece. They were searching for a discovery platform to improve their recirculation, pageviews, time per session, RPM, and bounce rate, all without compromising user experience on their site.

Project Agora works with to extract the maximum value out of their visitors and invest back in content and services for their local community.

With Taboola, Project Agora was able to help achieve balance, and see significant impacts on their KPIs while providing a personalized content recommendation experience.

With Taboola, Readers Receive a Personalized Discovery Experience

With Taboola, Readers Receive a Personalized Discovery Experience

Taboola Feed brings the familiar scrolling news feed experience of social networks right to publisher sites. was concerned before implementing the Taboola Feed that content would simply be curated in bulk, with no consideration for the individual reader at hand.

Taboola Feed generates a unique personalized experience for readers in real time, dependent on each specific user’s reading pattern.

They were also concerned that content would be intrusive, both to readers and to’s existing site design. Taboola Feed proved to be a native fit, and to never interrupt a reader’s experience. Improves RPM, Page Views per Session, and Bounce Rate with Taboola Feed

With the personalized experience and non-intrusive design in place, Taboola Feed was able to work for, helping them improve various key metrics.

By implementing Taboola Feed, Project Agora helped their client increase their revenue per thousand pageviews by 32%, their pageviews per session by 10.3%, and they decreased their bounce rate by 9.5%.

“The Taboola Feed has proved to be an invaluable tool for’s organic recirculation, and we can’t wait to take our collaboration to the next level!”

-Marilena Manatou, Customer Success Director, Project Agora

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The Taboola Feed adaptation led to significantly positive results both in performance and monetization metrics. Project Agora and Taboola have been and continue to be true partners, always prompt and on call, providing their expertise and assistance.

- Tina Ferentinou, CCO, DPG Media