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Talentedge Sees 10% or more Registrations for Each Course from Taboola

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Talentedge Sees High ROI with Quality Audience Targeting

  • 10%-15% Registrations Acquired for Each Course

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Talentedge is a live and interactive digital learning platform, with 50 courses from 20 premier organizations worldwide.


In need of a way to present the benefits and differentiators between each course, Talentedge looked for a PPC alternative.


Talentedge uses the Taboola discovery platform to increase return on investment (ROI), with acquisition costs lower than revenue.


Talentedge exceeded their target ROI, attracting from 10% to 15% of registrations for each course, from Taboola.

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Talentedge is a live and interactive digital learning platform, with 50 courses from 20 premier organizations worldwide. They offer classes in human resources (HR), finance, entrepreneurship, analytics, strategy and leadership, business management, and brand sales and marketing.

New age and progressive, their technology empowers anytime, anywhere learning. Live sessions give students a chance to interact with each other, and eminent faculty during classes. They have corporate offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore.

In Need of More Campaign Diversity, Talentedge Turned to Discovery

The team at Talentedge searches for distribution channels through ROI testing. After exhausting the possibilities for traditional channels like PPC and snail-mail, they wanted to try something different that would be more engaging for their target audience.

Finding Taboola was the perfect match for their new and growing industry, where there is always a strong need for support of top of the funnel leads. With traditional channels, Talentedge couldn’t differentiate, or personalize, communication about their individual courses.

Taboola has achieved same registrations as Google, but at 30% reduction in cost.

Taboola gave them the ability to do so, as well provided operational support and insights to optimize campaigns and landing pages. Karan Bhatia, who drives Taboola campaigns at Talentedge, described the support as “proactive” in comparison with other leading channels.

Up to 15% of Individual Class Registrations Come from Taboola

Talentedge drives Taboola traffic to content about courses, careers and industry certifications. This has helped them find a new audience—users are spending more quality time on the site, and converting at a lower cost per lead (CPL).

After a pilot test, Taboola became an important part of Talentedge’s marketing efforts, and now contributes from 10% to 15% of registrations for each course.

In the future, Talentedge plans to further integrate with Taboola for a higher volume of traffic, and even better optimization.

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As a digital brand, we wanted to go beyond traditional pay per click (PPC) and mail campaigns to reach and engage a new audience. We found Taboola—now an important part of our marketing efforts, and they drive 10% to 15% of registrations for each course

- Vivek Bathla, Marketing Head, Talentedge