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La Provence Generates 77% More Revenue with Taboola Feed

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Taboola Feed Generates More Commitment and More Revenue

  • +77% Advertising Revenue Growth
  • +220% Increase in Organic Clicks

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La Provence is property of the French Regional Daily Press, covering Bouches-du-Rhône, Vaucluse and HautesAlpes. attracts 17 million visitors a month (Source:OJD).


Strengthen digital strategy, particularly in terms of reader engagement and advertising revenue, to offset a decline in sales and a rise in print prices.


Implement Taboola Feed to improve reader engagement, time on site, and overall traffic, and increase revenue from sponsored content.


With Taboola Feed, La Provence increased advertising revenue by 77%, and increased organic clicks by 220%.

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La Provence is a title of the French regional daily press, based in Marseille and covering the departments Bouches-du-Rhône, Vaucluse and Hautes-Alpes.

La Provence is a daily newspaper that prints 3 million copies each month. attracts 17 million visitors per month in 2018, up 30% from 2017—and a 100% compared to 2016.

Digital is the Driving Force Behind the Regional Daily Press

Today, digital technology drives The Regional Daily Press. To get there, they faced two major challenges—a decrease in print circulation and an increase in print advertising costs. To evolve alongside the evolution of media consumption habits, La Provence has since bet on digital as a growth engine.

In 2018, La Provence redesigned their site and mobile application to optimize for readability and engagement with readers, which included the implementation of Taboola Feed. The partnership began in 2015 with a simple content recommendation tool, inserting three lines of editorial content and three lines of sponsored content at the bottom.

Thanks to its strong digital strategy, is positioned as one of the most dynamic regional news sites in France.

In 2018, Taboola Feed was implemented on La Provence and in the video section of—integrating organic and sponsored video recommendations. Taboola Feed is a vertical, infinite scroll, news feed and offers readers an experience similar to that of the social networks they support.

La Provence appreciated the flexibility of the product during the redesign of their site and application, and Taboola’s advice and availability, which drove a quick integration.

Taboola Feed Generates More Commitment and More Revenue

Very quickly, La Provence could see the benefits brought by Taboola Feed. They also began to receive positive feedback from users—all the metrics measuring the user’s commitment are on the rise.

The Taboola Feed is also online in the videos section, integrating video recommendations and sponsored content.

The click rate on La Provence sites jumped by over 220% and the average click rate on video recirculation is 5.5%. In addition, La Provence saw a 77% increase in advertising revenue, thanks to the clicks.

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Working with Taboola has brought us satisfaction on so many levels. Taboola Feed generates very good results in terms of revenue growth, as well as increased traffic and reader engagement. We also appreciate the flexibility of the platform, which was incredibly adaptable during our site redesign. We give credit to the Taboola team who, beyond their skills, share our values in collaboration and listening.

- Fabian Frydman, Deputy Director General, La Provence