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Taboola Doubles Website Traffic for Ferratum Bank

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Ferratum Bank Increases Brand Awareness with Taboola Video

  • #1 First Channel in Conversion Path
  • 2x Increase in Website Traffic

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Ferratum Bank is a new mobile banking player, and a subsidiary of Finnish Group Ferratum. Its 100% online and mobile banking service has been available in France since 2017.


Reinforce the reputation of Ferratum Bank and acquire new customers in a banking market where competition is particularly strong.


Use the Taboola to gain more brand awareness, generate more qualified traffic on the Ferratum Bank website, and increase the number of conversions.


With Taboola, Ferratum Bank was able to double their website traffic with quality visitors as their first channel in their conversion path.

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Ferratum Bank is a new player in mobile banking, a subsidiary of the Finnish company Group Ferratum. Established in 2005 and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Group Ferratum employs nearly 600 people in 25 countries, and has nearly two million active and former customers.

Originally a microcredit specialist, Ferratum Bank has had a banking license under the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA) since 2012. Its 100% online and mobile banking service have been available in France since 2017.

Ferratum Bank’s sponsored content and branding campaign on the Taboola Premium Network has identified and established a qualified audience.

Ferratum Bank Fills Need for Visibility and Notoriety in a Very Competitive Environment with Taboola

Between traditional banks, online banks and neobanks (digital banks accesible via and app), the banking industry’s competitive landscape is particularly tough in France. Ferratum Bank wanted to increase their brand awareness and further develop their offerings there.

To strengthen its brand image and acquire new customers, Ferratum Bank developed an effective marketing and communication strategy, which expanded to include Taboola In November 2017. From branded content to video, Taboola teams advised Ferratum Bank, and helped them achieve their marketing objectives.

Ferratum Bank wanted to focus first on brand awareness by leveraging Taboola to recommend of quality from their blog.

They then expanded to a more direct and incentive-based approach, by distributing content that invited consumers to discover its services. The content highlighted the benefits of opening an online bank account with Ferratum Bank.

Ferratum Bank optimized headlines as the campaign ran to include specific city names and a retargeting strategy. Taboola encouraged Ferratum Bank to track not only homepage visits, but the number of visitors interested in opening an account based on various intent signals.

Finally, Ferratum Banklaunched a video campaign to further increase brand awareness.

Taboola is First in Line for Traffic and Conversions

Ferratum Bank very quickly saw the effects of their Taboola campaign on their acquisition efforts, increasing both traffic and conversions.

In terms of traffic acquisition, Ferratum Bank’s Taboola campaign was seen by more than 155 million people, and 74,521 clicks over six months. 40% of the traffic on the French site of Ferratum Bank is generated by Taboola.

Taboola has also become the brand’s top conversion channel: 40% of account openings are, indirectly after retargeting, linked to the Taboola campaign.

Ferratum Bank’s video campaign increased brand awareness, traffic and acquisitions. In a month and a half, they recorded 188,517 impressions and saw 3,335 visitors. Their completion rate was 45.17%, at an average click rate of 1.78%.

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Our collaboration with Taboola has brought us great results, both in terms of customer acquisition, finding quality website traffic and in terms of increased brand awareness via our video campaign. We were impressed by Taboola account management—they were always available and attentive, and above all, showed a real desire to continuously optimize our performance.

- Kristen Pocreau, Marketing Manager, Ferratum Bank