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99Acres Sees Increase in Quality Leads by Retargeting with Taboola

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99Acres Sees 55% of Leads Generated From Retargeting Campaign

  • 4% Increase Lead Volume Per Day
  • 55% of Leads Generated From Retargeting Campaigns

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99Acres, India’s number one property portal, acts as a forum for buyers, sellers and brokers to exchange information about real estate properties quickly and effectively.


99Acres wanted to increase the volume of leads beyond those from their Facebook and Google campaigns—they needed alternative traffic sources.


Used Taboola sponsored content to distribute properties widely, optimizing with retargeting, and tracking using Taboola Pixel.


With Taboola, 99Acres saw a 4% increase in lead volume per day, and 55% of leads coming from retargeting campaigns.

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99Acres handles all aspects of consumers’ real estate needs from advertising a property, to searching for one, and even to building property microsites, making them the go-to real estate portal in India.

Given 99Acres’ prominence in India’s real estate industry, it’s no surprise that they have been turning to a variety of channels to generate leads.

Faced with the challenge of bringing in more quality traffic than that which they were seeing from Facebook and Google, 99Acres turned to Taboola.

By taking a two-pronged approach to targeting with Taboola, 99Acres saw a 4% lead volume increase per day.

With Taboola, 99Acres Sees Retargeting Success

With Taboola, 99Acres Sees Retargeting Success

99Acres strives to make buying, selling, or brokering the sale of an apartment as seamless and straightforward as possible. 99Acres leverages landing pages that offer information about properties such as price, amenities, and photos, each with an easy-to-fill-out form present to make both expressing and capturing interest simple and efficient.

With Taboola, 99Acres was able to see success with retargeting. Taboola Retargeting increases campaign performance by creating targetable audiences used to re-engage site visitors. Through this continuous user engagement, a compelling story is told with sequential messages and action-driving creatives.

99Acres was able to measure, optimize, and build audiences for targeting by utilizing Taboola Pixel. Taboola Pixel drives better performance through data-based optimization, tracking metrics such as conversion rates and values.

Increases Lead Quality with Taboola

It’s been a prominent KPI for 99Acres to increase lead volume, but not at the expense of the lead quality that their buyers, sellers, and brokers have come to expect. By retargeting with Taboola, they are able to enjoy exactly that––more, better leads.

In comparison to leads generated from other traffic sources, those generated from Taboola have had an average 40% higher lead score, indicating that they are qualified buyers.

99Acres enjoys the proactivity of their Taboola account management team, who provide campaign feedback on a regular basis and focus efforts on decreasing 99Acres’s CPLs. 99Acres is looking next to broaden their reach both in India and globally.

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The Taboola team gives feedback on our campaigns proactively, and provides guidance around getting the most out of targeting to decrease our CPLs. Because of this, we were not only able to increase the amount of leads coming in the door, but were able to optimize them further with retargeting campaigns.

- Anuj Gupta, Senior Manager, Digital Solutions, 99Acres