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Secret Escapes’ CTR Increases by 288%, Generating High-Quality Leads

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Targeted Audience Through Taboola’s Content Discovery Platform

  • 31% More Value Than Display Advertising
  • 288% Increase in CTR

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Secret Escapes is a members-only travel company selling discounted luxury hotel stays and trips through its website and mobile app.


Targeting audience for membership sign-ups and increasing click-through-rate (CTR) and conversion rates.


Leverage Taboola’s discovery platform to target audiences around the web and drive them to Secret Escapes’ landing page that leads to membership sign-ups.


In just 3-months, Secret Escapes’ Taboola campaign exceeded expectations with a triple-digit increase in CTR.

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Secret Escapes is a free and exclusive, members-only travel site, offering their members discounts and deals on luxury hotels and vacations. As the self-proclaimed “worst-kept secret in luxury travel,” Secret Escapes’ primary goal is user acquisition. Having experimented with a variety of different marketing methods including display banner campaigns that resulted in a low click-through-rate (CTR) and low conversion rates, Secret Escapes decided to branch out into the world of content discovery to reach new, high-quality audiences across the web. The team started by creating Taboola campaigns in the U.K. before gradually rolling out in other territories including Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the U.S.

Taboola Users Drive 31% More Value Than Display Advertising

Taboola Users Drive 31% More Value Than Display Advertising

Secret Escapes designed a very clean website featuring key articles that inspire travel adventures, describe how the club works, and its added value to members. Attractive photographs of exotic locations and luxurious accommodations entice prospective club members who dream of vacationing in an affordable way.

Each piece of content links to a sign-up page where users can enter their email addresses to gain full access to all of the club’s travel deals. As international campaigns were ramped up, Secret Escapes worked closely with Taboola’s Account Management team to fully optimize creative (thumbnails and headlines) and build out geographic-specific campaigns on top performing sites in an effort to drive the most high-quality traffic possible.

As of October 2015, Secret Escapes found that UK consumers arriving through Taboola were 31% more valuable than users arriving from display advertising channels. This select traffic was ranked higher in value because they were more likely to book travel within their first month of signing up for Secret Escapes.

Discovery Boosts Desktop CTR By 288% In Just 3-Months

With headlines like “Hotels Don’t Want You To Know About This Secret Discount Trick” and “How to Score Luxury Hotels at Bargain Prices,” Secret Escapes’ content strategy employs messaging that conveys a combination of bargain shopping and VIP status, features that are especially appealing to its target audience. After a brief test period to compare mobile vs. desktop traffic, Secret Escapes quickly determined that desktop users tended to be more engaged with their content. The team then implemented optimizations for desktop users coming from discovery channels and saw a significant spike with a 288% CTR boost on Taboola from July to September.

Forecasting Subscription Lift Across Europe

Building on the previous success of Taboola campaigns, Secret Escapes made a strategic decision to continue to invest in content marketing and discovery. The team has launched new campaigns in Spain, Norway, and Denmark, and will continue to build out all other campaigns to increase overall volume and the number of high-quality leads from around the web.

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We are extremely pleased with the quality of traffic coming from Taboola and its ability to successfully drive sign-ups on our website. Our account manager is always available with helpful tips, and the optimisations we’ve made have proven to be very effective. Taboola is definitely a branding and direct response solution worth investing in.

- Ashley Gill, Digital Marketing, Secret Escapes