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Taboola Drives High Quality Audience While Reducing Cost Per Lead For Berlin Estate

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Taboola Campaign Reduces Price Per Lead By 84 Percent

  • 84% Reduced Price Per Lead
  • 695% Increase In Leads / Investments

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Berlin Estate, an investment house specializing in Berlin real estate investment.


Digital media is saturated with ads that over promise “quick profits” for real estate investment which hinders credibility for the real estate market.


Leverage the power of content marketing to educate potential investors about security and legitimate benefits for purchasing real estate.


Berlin Estate saw a decrease in price per lead by 84 percent compared to other platforms while experiencing increase of 695 percent in investments/leads.

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Berlin Estate is an investment house specializing in Berlin real estate for foreign investors. As one of the strongest growing economies in Europe, Germany was recently ranked as one of the best places in the world to invest in real estate. Berlin, which attracts people from all over Europe, is currently home to 4 million people – a number expected to double within the next decade. Demand for apartments is at all time high and will continue to increase as more and more people flock to experience the multiculturalism Berlin has to offer. Berlin Estate partnered with Flow, a programmatic native advertising agency, that tapped Taboola with the goal of targeting and engaging with an audience to generate high quality leads – that is, people who were seriously looking to invest in real estate.

Using Content To Shift Perceptions

One of the challenges Berlin Estate was faced with was perception. The digital media marketplace was saturated with ads that make vast and false promises for real estate investment. These ads tout “get rich quick” offers that taint legitimate investment opportunities. Berlin Estate set out to change that perception using content discovery and consumer education. Berlin Estate understood content marketing was the best strategy to dispel these perceptions but found that Google, Facebook and other smaller networks were either costly or had a relatively low reach.

Three-Step Conversion Funnel Targets The Right Audience Driving Higher Quality Leads

Taboola and Flow created a strategy for Berlin Estate around audience targeting. Using content as the base of the conversion funnel, the first piece of content was developed as a high-level overview to educate consumers on the security and benefits of investing in the Berlin real estate market. Next, Berlin Estate continued the conversation using Taboola’s external retargeting pixel to reach anyone who engaged in the first piece of content, and recommended a second article, which positioned Berlin Estate as the right choice for making an investment. Finally, Berlin Estate and Taboola worked together to create a strong “call to action” to give consumers the confidence to make the investment.

Taboola Campaign Reduces Price Per Lead By 84 Percent

Throughout its campaign on Taboola, Berlin Estate saw a significant increase in leads/ investments of 695 percent. It also reduced the price per lead by 84 percent, translating into exponential revenue growth throughout. Due to the success of the campaign, Berlin Estate reallocated a significant portion of their budget to invest in additional content marketing campaigns with Taboola.