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Zazume Drives 60% Lower CPA with Taboola Retargeting Campaigns

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Zazume Drives 60% Lower CPA with Taboola Retargeting Campaigns

  • 60% Lower CPA with Retargeting Campaigns
  • 16% Lower CPA with Targeted Campaigns
  • 20% Of All Taboola Leads are Qualified, Beating Search and Social by up to 6%

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Zazume, a real estate software platform based in Barcelona, was founded in 2021 to make the rental management process easier for both property owners and renters.


Reach property owners and tenants in Madrid and Barcelona, generating qualified leads through signup forms.


Use Taboola Image Ads and retargeting tools to drive high-quality leads to interactive landing pages for conversion.


With Taboola, Zazume achieved a 60% lower Cost- Per-Acquisition (CPA) than its goal. Taboola also drove higher-quality leads than all other acquisition channels, accounting for 4% of total leads.

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Zazume is the main conduit and long-term housing rental management platform in Spain. With pioneering technology in the market, Zazume has managed to digitize the entire residential rental life cycle: from calculating rental prices, publishing on the best real estate web portals and searching for qualified tenants, to managing the rental on the same platform where users can find everything centralized. With just over a year of life Zazume has managed to rent more than 600 homes to more than 3000 owners.

Zazume Achieves 16% Lower Cost Per Acquisition Than Their Goal

Zazume Achieves 16% Lower Cost Per Acquisition Than Their Goal

Zazume needed to promote its services to property owners and renters in Madrid and Barcelona. They were already using search and social media platforms to run campaigns, but they were looking to decrease cost-peracquisition (CPA) and drive more high-quality leads to their signup forms.

Zazume partnered with Taboola to launch sponsored Image Ads across a network of premium publisher sites. While Image Ads typically contain a headline and image, Zazume bolstered its messaging with descriptions, which provide more information pre-click, and call-to-action (CTA) buttons, which prompt viewers to follow through to the brand’s landing page.

Post-click, users were taken to personalized landing pages with easy signup forms. These pages contained interactive features like a calculator for setting profitable rental prices, and a search tool for finding vetted tenants. Zazume also ran a separate campaign to promote insurance that protected property owners in case their tenants couldn’t pay rent.

By working with Taboola, Zazume achieved a 16% lower CPA than its goal, driving qualified leads to fill out its forms.

Taboola Drove Leads for Zazume of the Highest Quality, Surpassing Search and Social

Zazume continued working with Taboola to launch retargeting campaigns, reaching high-quality users who already engaged with the brand’s content, but hadn’t yet converted. Zazume used the Taboola Pixel to track user behaviors on its website and identify users who completed a certain action to retarget them with new campaigns.

Taboola led the retargeting process, using Taboola Trends data to optimize campaign creatives for clicks. For example, we found that images with people looking into the camera can increase clickthrough rates (CTRs) and engagement. Zazume also used Taboola SmartBid, an automated bidding technology, to optimize campaigns to drive conversions. Smart Bid uses campaign data to predict how likely a user is to convert, and then adjust the advertiser’s bid accordingly.

With these retargeting tools, Zazume achieved a 60% lower CPA than its goal. Taboola also drove the highest quality leads among all of Zazume’s acquisition channels, including search and social. As a result, Taboola is now responsible for 4% of all the brand’s leads, 20% of which are qualified, which is up to 6% higher than the average from search and social channels.

Going forward, Zazume will continue allocating their campaign budgets to sponsored content and working with Taboola to drive performance results.

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“Taboola delivered the highest quality leads among all of our acquisition channels, including search and social. Thanks to Image Ads and retargeting tools, Taboola now accounts for 4% of our total leads at Zazume. We’re excited to keep investing in Taboola campaigns and increasing results.”

- Víctor Valles, Head of Growth, Zazume