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TRAICY Triples Revenue and Engagement With Taboola


TRAICY Sees a 200% Increase in Revenue with Taboola Feed

  • 200% Increase in Revenue
  • 150% Increase in Organic CTR
  • 11% Increase in Sponsored Content Revenue Per Mille (RPM)

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TRAICY is the largest travel industry media site in Japan, covering information on flight deals, trains, and hotels for their audience of one million.


Grow revenue from sponsored content and engagement with organic content, without sacrificing brand safety for their advertisers, reader experience, or efficiency.


Use Taboola Feed to monetize their site with high quality sponsored content, while also maintaining a positive reader experience.


With Taboola Feed, TRAICY was able to triple their revenue, and increase both their organic CTR and their sponsored content RPM.

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TRAICY is Japan’s largest travel media site that shares deals on flights, trains, hotels, and more with their one million readers.

They previously had difficulty finding a solution to increase revenue without sacrificing reader experience. TRAICY turned to Taboola Feed and found the perfect solution to fit their needs.

With Taboola Feed, TRAICY Feels Confident in Brand Safety and User Experience

With Taboola Feed, TRAICY Feels Confident in Brand Safety and User Experience

Dissatisfied with the quality of advertisements and sponsored content with other partners in the past, TRAICY felt a clear difference with Taboola. Ultimately, it was crucial for TRAICY that the content being recommended to readers was content they would find interesting, and Taboola Feed was able to provide exactly that.

Surrounding brand safety, TRAICY had two primary goals. The first was to ensure that their own reputation was maintained with quality content being recommended on their site. The second was the brand safety of their advertising partners, and ensuring that they remain comfortable and contextually brand safe. With Taboola, TRAICY had both of these goals met and supported.

With brand safety secured, TRAICY was able to enjoy the tangible benefits of incorporating Taboola Feed, from a 200% increase in revenue to an 11% increase in revenue per mille (RPM) from sponsored content.

TRAICY also makes use of Explore More, designed to help publishers keep users on their mobile pages longer; re-engaging users by surfacing relevant content recommendations.

For TRAICY, success with Taboola extends beyond sponsored content. In addition to performance increases for sponsored content, TRAICY’s seeing more engagement with organic content. Since implementing Taboola Feed, TRAICY has seen a 150% increase in organic CTR on their site.

TRAICY Feels Confident in Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy of Taboola Implementation

According to TRAICY, implementing the Taboola Feed was quick and seamless. This was important to them to avoid any temporary lapse
in reader experience and revenue when switching to Taboola from a previous partner.

“The process of getting started was very prompt––everything happened within a few days, including our first email contact, online meeting, and implementation. We were very satisfied with the quick action. Ever since, we have been receiving accurate advice on operations, including support for using management tools.”- Takuya Goto, Chief Editor, TRAICY

TRAICY plans to implement Taboola in their mobile apps and continue to deliver both the organic and sponsored content that their readers have come to expect from them.

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We believe that advertising is a part of the content we provide to our readers, and we would like to continue working with Taboola to bring our readers the ads they’ll want to see and engage with.

- Takuya Goto, Chief Editor, TRAICY