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After Experiencing Success as an Advertiser, Turns to Taboola to Increase Revenue

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MoneyWise Generates Quality Traffic and Effectively Engages People on Site, All with Taboola Products

  • 10% Increase in vCTR (Viewable Click-Through Rate) on Desktop
  • 14% Increase in Time on Site
  • 14% Increase in Revenue Per Session

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Company is a digital personal finance publication operated by Wise Publishing. They have 7 million monthly unique readers and are committed to helping them navigate complex and everyday financial topics.


Find a dedicated monetization partner with the capability to both drive paid traffic to their site as well as effectively engage users with sponsored content on-site.


Use Taboola products like Smart Bid and Audience Marketplace to effectively drive millions of valuable users to their site to monetize traffic and use Audience Exchange to recirculate those audiences throughout their site and keep users engaged throughout their session.


With Taboola, MoneyWise has seen a 10% increase in vCTR, 14% increase in time on site, and 14% increase in revenue per session.

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MoneyWise, a digital personal finance publication operated by Wise Publishing, was created with the goal of simplifying complex financial topics for readers.

Operated by real people from all financial backgrounds––homeowners, recent graduates, parents, newlyweds and investors saving for retirement, and more––MoneyWise has garnered a readership of 7 million monthly unique readers, and continues to grow.

Wise Publishing originally started advertising with Taboola, and after an overall successful venture and a positive experience with the Taboola account management teams, Wise Publishing turned to Taboola for efforts focused on monetizing their site.

With Taboola, MoneyWise Finds High Quality Traffic and Valuable Resources for Editorial Team

With Taboola, MoneyWise Finds High Quality Traffic and Valuable Resources for Editorial Team

With Taboola Sponsored Content and early adoption of Smart Bid, Wise Publishing’s media team has been able to increase their CTRs, bring in traffic from high-quality readers, and gain access to ongoing optimization strategies. Smart Bid utilizes data from billions of network-wide conversions, including those set up by MoneyWise throughout their funnel, to bid intelligently at the right moments, by impression from the first dollar spent. In terms of revenue per user session, Taboola yields the highest out of anyone that Wise Publishing has worked with.

To make sure the creatives from their sponsored content campaigns resonate with their target audience, Wise Publishing uses Taboola Trends, a data resource to analyze images and keywords gathered from content campaigns running on the Taboola platform to identify actionable trends for their campaign creation and optimization. Taboola Trends helps Wise Publishing’s editorial team stay ahead of the market on what types of content to produce and promote.

MoneyWise Incorporates Taboola Widget to Provide Readers with an Engaging Experience

When preliminarily looking for tools to increase monetization, Wise Publishing found that developing such tools on their own was challenging. They found in Taboola the solutions they were looking for, and the tracking capabilities they needed.

Upon evaluating the success Wise Publishing experienced with Taboola, the relationships they had built with the account managers and leaders across all areas of the business, they decided to take the partnership to the next level and integrate the Taboola Widget across their entire site.

In doing so, MoneyWise is able to provide relevant, high-quality editorial content for readers to engage with, increase revenue with Taboola, and provide their direct advertiser partners a valuable platform for growth.

Wise Publishing Finds a Partner they can Rely on with Taboola

“Not every company you work with is willing to provide dedicated customer support every step of the way. Taboola understands how important this is, and they’re willing to invest the time into us because they see our full potential,” says Wise Publishing, Inc. CEO Kyle Trattner.

Wise Publishing plans to continue their partnership with Taboola for the foreseeable future by incorporating more custom integrations, implementing Taboola Newsroom, and continuing to find innovative ways to have a flow of high-quality traffic to foster the strongest experience for their growing readership.

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Success comes when somebody invests in you, and Taboola has invested in us. They listen to us and make sure every question we raise is answered. Taboola has been the most responsive, respectful, and accommodating partner.

- Kyle Trattner, CEO, Wise Publishing, Inc