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BidBerry increases ROAS and conversions across verticals with Taboola Ads

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BidBerry increases ROAS and conversions across verticals with Taboola Ads

  • 19% Increase in ROAS year over year
  • 11% Higher ROAS compared to the other native sources

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BidBerry, founded in 2019, is an international data-driven performance marketing agency based in Italy


Increase performance advertising campaigns and relative KPI’s across verticals.


Use Taboola Motion Ads to promote their search campaigns through native advertising.


With Taboola, BidBerry drove a 19% increase in ROAS, 11% higher ROAS than other native solutions.

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BidBerry is an international digital performance agency founded in 2019 and headquartered in Italy. They specialize in providing tools and tailored solutions for turning high-quality data into revenue.

BidBerry offers a range of services, including media buying and big data solutions such as: audience segmentation and data analysis. BidBerry has a team of dedicated, performance-driven media buyers, with several years of experience, engaged to invest consistent budgets and get the highest return depending on specific needs and objectives.

BidBerry Improves ROI with Taboola Motion Ads

BidBerry Improves ROI with Taboola Motion Ads

As a performance driven company BidBerry was looking to increase traffic to its search links and drive more revenue from its campaigns. Specifically, they wanted to generate conversions across verticals like insurance, home, fashion, and finance.

That’s when they found Taboola. As a leading native ad platform, Taboola has the tools to help partners reaching 500 million daily active users across 9,000 premium publisher pages. While social platforms offer limited reach inside their walled gardens, Taboola scales campaigns to audiences throughout the open web.

BidBerry used the new Taboola Motion Ads Studio to easily convert new or existing creatives into engaging, animated ads. These Motion Ads are like GIFs that move for up to 15 seconds, helping to hook audiences in and increase click-through and conversion rates.

BidBerry also used Taboola’s data marketplace to reach just the right audiences. The data marketplace pulls signals from over 1.4 billion monthly users to build unique audience segments and unearth targeting trends. Specifically, BidBerry targeted people by site and used block and allow lists to ensure they made the most of their ad spend.

After working with Taboola, BidBerry generated an 19% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) for its own business. They also saw concrete proof that native can beat social performance.

BidBerry is also a proud Taboola Marketing Partner.

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“Together with Taboola’s technology and exceptional account management service, BidBerry scaled its main business by 300% compared to last year. Today, Taboola represents our leading native platform with the highest conversion rates and ROAS across our performance-driven activities.”

- Emiliano Amicuzi, CEO, Bidberry