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Moneytag Optimizes Advertising Revenue from Multiple Sites with Taboola Feed

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The Taboola Feed Allows Moneytag Customers to increase RPM and CTR

  • 10% of overall Sponsored Content and organic Click-Through Rate (CTR) for, a Moneytag customer10% of overall Sponsored Content and organic Click-Through Rate (CTR) for, a Moneytag customer
  • 100 Sites using Taboola
  • 6 Years as a client of Taboola

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Moneytag is a digital monetization agency for press publishers, supporting more than 300 media sites in terms of growth related to their online advertising.


Find new and innovative ways to provide customers with the best expertise and technology solutions to increase their advertising revenues, while preserving and improving the user experience.


Implement Taboola Feed, a continuous news feed incorporating sponsored content, organic content and in-feed video on Moneytag customer sites.


With Taboola Feed, Moneytag’s customer revenue per mille (RPM) increased significantly, and click-through-rate (CTR) increased to 10%.

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Moneytag is a digital monetization agency that offers media groups a tailor-made experience— including proprietary solutions, expertise, and partner technology innovations—to help them get the most out of their online advertising inventory.

Putting people at the heart of their business, Moneytag teams accompany their customers daily in monitoring and optimizing advertising revenue—with the primary objective to delight their customer’s readers.

A former subsidiary of Lagardère, Moneytag became independent in the spring of 2019. The company, which has posted a double-digit growth rate since its creation, manages the optimization of advertising inventories for more than 300 sites and mobile applications of French media, and well as European and African sites.

Taboola Feed’s Continuous Stream of Content and In-feed Video Increases Revenue for Multiple Sites

Taboola Feed’s Continuous Stream of Content and In-feed Video Increases Revenue for Multiple Sites

Moneytag started working with Taboola as Taboola entered the French market in 2013. They started recommending Taboola’s widget, which allows publishers to insert a limited number of editorial or sponsored content items at the bottom of the article.

Always looking for the best innovations in order to maximize revenue for customers, Moneytag now recommends the new Taboola Feed.

Taboola’s technology is presented as a continuously scrolling vertical news feed. The experience, similar to that of social networks, encourages readers to stay on-site longer, increasing engagement and revenue. Multiple recommendation types like sponsored content, sponsored videos, organic content and more provide multiple opportunities for users to engage.

Taboola’s Flexible Technology Adapts to Moneytag’s Various Customer’s Needs

Proud to offer a fully tailored approach to each of its customers, Moneytag appreciates the flexibility of Taboola technologies. The Taboola Feed, developed in responsive design, adapts automatically to all screen resolutions.

In addition, thanks to simple and effective integration possibilities, Moneytag is able to easily insert the Taboola Feed at the bottom of the article, regardless of the structure of the page. Thanks to an easy implementation process, Moneytag is able to seamlessly implement Taboola Feed across various types of page structures, no matter the layout or page width—including full page width, ensuring a great user experience.

High Quality Traffic Generates Higher Levels of Engagement and Revenue

Thanks to Taboola Feed, Moneytag very quickly saw a clear increase in revenue on customer sites, as well as higher levels of reader engagement., for example, has a combined organic and sponsored content click-through rate (CTR) of 6.5% across all platforms and up to 8.5% on the smartphone since the Taboola Feed was integrated.

Moneytag plans to further capitalize Taboola Feed as a creative solution for generating organic traffic, as well as Taboola’s Audience Exchange feature, which allows publishers to promote content between media sites of the same press group.les performances, des contenus sponsorisés, des contenus organiques propres au site et des contenus organiques de sites partenaires.

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We help media groups meet their digital monetization needs with tailored solutions, including introducing them to the best innovations and market expertise. We have been collaborating with Taboola since its launch in France in 2013, and feel that its solutions fit this description. The Taboola Feed generates very good results for our customers in terms of advertising revenue growth, and the quality of its interface brings full satisfaction to users.

- Julien Rébillon, Customer Success Director, Moneytag