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max Sees a 70% Lower Cost Per Acquisition With Taboola Sponsored Content

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max Sees a 70% Lower Cost Per Acquisition With Taboola Sponsored Content

  • 70% Lower cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • 14% Higher conversion
  • 10,000+ Unique article readers

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max is a leading Israeli financial company that offers credit solutions and other financial products.


In order to promote a new travel rewards credit card, max wanted to create a strong piece of content that would reach their desired audience, increase their number of conversions (apply for a credit card), and do so all at a lower CPA.


With Taboola, max was able to direct potential customers to an article optimized for performance and increase the amount of readers who ordered their new credit card after they’d finished reading.


With Taboola Sponsored Content, max was able to lower their CPA by 70%.

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Israeli financial company max saw an opportunity to create a credit card with travel benefits to appeal to an Israeli market with an interest in traveling abroad. While trying several other advertising partners, max found an efficient way to tell the story of their new travel-focused credit card and highlight the unique selling propositions they have over their competitors with Taboola.

For their Taboola Sponsored Content campaign, max created
an article around their new travel-focused credit card, and it was distributed to an audience likely to be receptive to their message. They found that their CPA lowered, their conversion rate increased, and they were pleased to have 10,000 article readers. All of the users who came from Taboola stayed on the page for over three minutes.

Compared to Other Advertising Partners, Taboola Yields 14% Higher CVR for max

Compared to Other Advertising Partners, Taboola Yields 14% Higher CVR for max

For max, a conversion occurs when a person who’s visited their promoted article content orders a credit card. One of the overarching strategies they wanted to work on with Taboola in order to increase their conversion rate was to emphasize the story of their credit card

and their services, and highlight the unique selling propositions separate them from their competitors.

When they started working with Taboola, their conversion rate increased 14%. Their article was now being shown to the right audiences, in the right place, at the right time.
The average time per session of all the readers that came from Taboola––which was about 10,000 readers––was more than 3 minutes per session.

max Tracks Success With the Taboola Pixel

With the Taboola Pixel, an easy-to-implement code that allows for tracking, measuring, and optimizing across the entire marketing funnel, max was able to gain a clear sense of Taboola’s impact on the number of credit card orders.

In the future, max plans to keep growing with Taboola and partnering to find continued success.

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“When we launched a new product, our main challenge was to explain the benefits it had over our competitors’ products. Taboola’s capabilities have enabled us to convey these benefits to the consumer and tell a story in a way that yielded many high-quality conversions directly from the campaign. The amount of conversions from Taboola were high by any performance campaign standard and in comparison to any other platforms.”

- Galit Harel, Head of Digital Marketing, max