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SEER Interactive Uses Taboola to Double Traffic


Content Discovery Drives Impressive Results

  • 20M Impressions Delivered in 1 Month
  • 100% Increase in Traffic
  • 70% Increase in Social Shares

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Founded in 2002, SEER Interactive is a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with emerging to Fortune 500 companies.


Reach SEER Interactive’s targeted clients and accelerate engagement using previously successful content.


Use Taboola’s technology to A/B test and remove referring sites that were underperforming.


Triple-digit increase in traffic with millions of impressions generated, additional new referring domains, and significant increase of social shares.

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SEER Interactive is a Philadelphia based digital marketing agency that offers SEO, SEM, online advertising, and web analytics services. Clients choose SEER Interactive for their proven commitment to drive search marketing. The company is a trusted leader in analyzing marketing efforts, improving search rankings, and driving clicks to increase leads and sales.

Flexibility and Power of A/B Testing

SEER Interactive leveraged Taboola’s technology to A/B test and remove referring sites that were underperforming. The test results helped inform SEER Interactive’s business decisions to make content adjustments and change headlines.

Content Discovery Drives Impressive Results

With the help of Taboola’s content recommendation platform and their team, SEER Interactive was able to successfully achieve their client’s goals of driving traffic, improving social sharing metrics and increasing the amount of sites linking back to the promoted content.

Using less than a quarter of their total paid content marketing budget, SEER Interactive earned a nearly 100% increase in traffic with over 20 million impressions for the specific content, 82 new referring domains, and a 70% increase of social shares, all in less than 30 days.

SEER Interactive’s success proves that businesses can utilize existing content to drive high-quality traffic and reach undiscovered audiences if the content is distributed effectively. Because Taboola’s content recommendations are personalized for each user and appear at the bottom or alongside content already being read or viewed, users that discovered SEER Interactive’s content were ready and willing to consume it.

Future Content Marketing Plans

SEER Interactive has no plans of slowing down anytime soon, and even formed a content acceleration team to better provide services such as Taboola directly to clients. In addition to being pleased by Taboola’s ability to deliver, SEER Interactive was happy with their access to metrics, which helped them make better business decisions moving forward.

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Overall, SEER saw great success from our Taboola campaign. We saw a huge spike in Web traffic, backlinks, and social shares which we attributed directly to Taboola.

- Audrey Bloemer, Content Acceleration Team, SEER Interactive