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Morgan & Co Inspires Travel Interest in Over 17,000 People for State Tourism in One Month with Taboola

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Taboola Video Helps Morgan & Co. Drive High Levels of Interest in Travel Using Video and Sponsored Content

  • 17,000+ Website Events Triggered
  • 124% More Impressions Delivered than Forecasted
  • 29% Increase in video CTR after Use of Taboola Video Studio

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Morgan & Co. is a full service media planning and buying agency in New Orleans that supports the marketing efforts of an array of tourism clients.


Encourage travelers in the US interested in activities like Mardi Gras, cajun food, jazz and much more to visit.


Use Taboola Sponsored Content and Video offerings to drive interest in travel to clients’ destinations.


With Taboola, Morgan & Co. was able to deliver over 45,000 website visitors of which over 17,000 converted into taking actions on the client’s website.

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Morgan & Co. is a media agency that helps brands understand their ideal customers, acquire more, and reduce the cost of acquisition. Their strength is designing and executing media strategies and buys that bring people and brands together.

They use data to drive insightful audience segmentation, our media buys and optimization, and to increase the return on media spend. Their primary categories are tourism & hospitality, healthcare, consumer and legal.

Morgan & Co. used a variety of media channels for their Tourism client’s video campaign, including channels like OTT, display, pre-roll and local television channels, alongside Taboola.

Morgan & Co. used a variety of media channels for their Tourism client’s video campaign, including channels like OTT, display, pre-roll and local television channels, alongside Taboola.

Alongside video, the campaign included sponsored content assets as well. Their focus overall is to improve session depth and engagement with their tourism client’s website. For the Fall campaign, Morgan & Co. optimized for two levels of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Their primary KPI was website sessions. Their secondary KPIs included several events such as travel guide downloads, requests for information, and more.

Taboola Video and Sponsored Content was able to help them achieve both. Taboola Video is an elegant, nondisruptive experience that is optimal for branding and awareness goals. Your videos are backed by the scale and reach you need across exclusive inventory.

Not only was the campaign a success, Morgan & Co. drove over 17,000 website events and delivered 124% more impressions than originally forecasted.

Morgan & Co Uses Taboola Video Studio to Add a Call to Action, Driving Better Video Results

Morgan & Co.’s tourism client leveraged a high quality video for their fall campaign, which attracted people interested in travel, outdoor activities, Mardi Gras, festivals, Cajun and Creole cultures, adventure and more.

In order to improve their chances for website visits and engagement on-site, Morgan & Co. worked with the Taboola Video Studio to implement a call to action (CTA) within their campaign. After the implementation of the CTA within the video creative, CTR increased by 29% on their 15 second creative.

CTR also increased by 12% on their 30-second creative. Morgan & Co. is happy with the service they receive from Taboola account managers and looks forward to working with Taboola in the future.

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Our campaign included both sponsored content and video. We had the primary goal of driving website sessions and the secondary goal of event conversions on our client’s website. Out of all of the platforms we used for video, the Taboola campaign was really a success across the board. We were pleased to see that traditional metrics translated into both sessions and events.

- Amanda Kennedy, Media & Conversion Strategist, Morgan & Co.