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Europa Press Sees a 78% Uplift in Revenue with Taboola Feed

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Europa Press Sees Significant Improvement for all KPIs After Implementing Taboola Feed

  • 78% Revenue Uplift
  • 46% Increase in Organic Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

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Europa Press is the largest independent news agency in Spain, covering news and current events in Spain and the world.


Drastically increase revenue and organic CTR, while providing an an environment for an international audience for their online news portal that their audience loves.


Implement Taboola Feed to increase revenue per thousand page views (RPM), and to fill their site real estate with content tailored for their users.


With Taboola Feed, Europa Press achieved a 78% uplift in revenue and a 46% increase in organic CTR.

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Europa Press is the largest private news agency in Spain, covering news and current events in Spain and the world since its launch in Madrid in 1957.

Their mission is to effectively distribute news to other news publishers. The Europa Press site contains a suite of Europa Press products for publishers, as well as news articles.

Europa Press Sees Significant Improvement for all KPIs After Implementing Taboola Feed

In a web where publishers are always looking for new ways to monetize their content, Europa Press was looking to increase engagement and revenue in their online news portal.

The Europa Press team had previously tried a mix of other monetization channels, but weren’t satisfied with their results—they needed to increase the number of pageviews per visitor, as well as the revenue per pageview, without user experience deteriorating.

They also needed an effective way to fill the real estate on their article pages with content. Taboola Feed was able to fulfill all of their needs, providing a significant improvement over past partners. Taboola Feed recommends users the best news for them, in an engaging environment much like social feeds.

Users enjoy the familiar scrolling experience—they engage with an endless feed that contains sponsored content, organic content and sponsored video, as well as multiple third party cards, which provides personalised opportunities for them to engage with Feed on Europa Press.

For Europa Press, Taboola was a very effective solution to increase digital revenue and engagement, allowing the newsroom to remain entirely focused on providing the best possible content to Europa Press’ publisher partners. Taboola was a cost effective solution to increasing revenue from that margin, and supporting its overall impact.

The infinite nature of the Feed experience brought significant value to Europa Press’ users. The deeper a user goes into Europa Press’ Feed, and the longer time they spend on the Feed, the higher the RPM and Organic CTR. RPM is 2x-3x higher after card 20, whilst organic CTR is 40% higher.

Europa Press is Looking to Expand Their Partnership with Taboola in the Wake of Taboola Feed Success

Taboola Feed is currently on most of the Europa Press article pages, with plans to expand to the homepage in the future.

The growth of this partnership can be attributed to Taboola Feed’s success—which brought an 78% in revenue uplift, and a 46% increase in organic CTR.

To date, Europa Press has been impressed with the account management services at Taboola, and are always looking to test new Taboola products

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We needed an effective way to increase online revenue while also increasing pages visited per user. Taboola Feed was able to provide both—it works perfectly, allowing us to focus on content. Everything else, we can leave to Taboola Feed.

- Manuel Pardo, Digital Development Director at Europa Press