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Bombfell Succeeds in Performance Based Marketing Strategy with Taboola

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Bombfell Found their Niche on Mobile and Saw a Significant Increase in Conversions

  • 960% Increase in Mobile Conversions
  • 48% Increase in Web Traffic

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Bombfell is a personal styling service for men. The service assesses each client’s style, and ships them clothing options to try them on in the comfort of their own homes.


Find additional channels, other than social, search and paid services, to achieve scale.


Use Taboola’s discovery platform to scale traffic, and increase landing page conversions.


Achieved a large increase in website traffic which led to a 960% jump in mobile conversions.

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Bombfell is a personal styling service for men. The service allows customers to receive hand-picked clothing from a personal stylist, and they are able to try them on in the comfort own homes. First, customers fill out a survey for Bombfell to learn their correct fit and style. Customers then preview the clothing before they ship, and when the clothes arrive, customers only pay for what they keep.

Their focus is customer service, and providing the right clothes for each customer to make a difference in their life. With Bombfell, the customer is in complete control of their experience.

Owned Content Increases Success For Subscription Service

Owned Content Increases Success For Subscription Service

Bombfell started using content channels when other traditional channels—social, search and paid— weren’t scaling at the rate they had hoped. While they had seen good performance with these channels, they wanted to grow faster.

They saw the highest success in conversion rates from mobile traffic with Taboola by driving visitors directly to their homepage, with a significant increase in their success when they started to also leverage owned content to grow their consumer base.

Website Traffic and Content Engagement Significantly Increased

To promote their men’s clothing service, Bombfell began discovery campaigns on the Taboola content discovery platform.

With our analysis of hundreds of real-time signals used to show people content they actually want to read, Bombfell achieved an 960% increase in mobile conversions, a 48% increase in traffic. Bombfell intends to expand their relationship with Taboola, and are looking to leverage earned media and new creative campaigns.

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As a very performance based marketing team, we needed to find additional channels to achieve scale and performance. With Taboola, we exceeded our expectation for conversions.

- Sandro Roco, Sr. Manager, Marketing & BD, Bombfell