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Air New Zealand China Interests Over 600 People a Day in Travel Deals with Taboola

“Taboola has been one of the most effective ways to bring first time visitors to the site in comparison to other channels. We actually had one customer email us with a question about our latest promotion, and directly mentioned that he/she saw our content on a Taboola publisher. Their question was related to purchasing a ticket on our website. It indeed shows that this platform can help drive customers with high intention!” 

- Online Manager for Air New Zealand China
Air New Zealand China Sees 120% ROI with Taboola Sponsored Content

Air New Zealand China Used Taboola’s Discovery Platform to Reach New Audiences at the Moment of Next

Air New Zealand China wanted to grow interest in their flight offerings between Shanghai and more than 20 New Zealand domestic destinations.

In order to do so, they needed to reach a new audience— they wanted to reach and target not only local Chinese residents, but also expatriates living and working in China.

Targeting this expanded audience group would support their goals of driving more traffic to their site, as well as boosting online ticket sales directly on the official Air New Zealand official website.

To reach these goals, Air New Zealand China launched “A Better Way to Fly.” This marketing campaign ran in China and offered three promotions—direct price discounts on Economy, Premium Economy and Business Premier airline tickets, which could be purchased on the official Air New Zealand website.

They ran a sponsored content campaign on Taboola’s Discovery Platform in China. Taboola helps people all over the globe explore what’s interesting and new.

The platform serves over one billion unique users each month through exclusive relationships with thousands of premium digital properties, mobile carriers and device manufacturers.

Air New Zealand Sees a High Flight Search Rate with Taboola Sponsored Content Campaign

Advertisers use Taboola to promote their brand at the moment in which their audience is most receptive to new messages, products and services.

For Air New Zealand China, this drove measurable results—with Taboola, Air New Zealand China attracted 600+ visitors and 10+ flight searches a day. This totals a 120% ROI each month.

They were able to accomplish this by working with the Taboola team to consistently optimize using a large pool of creatives—in this case, headline and image combinations—to generate purchase intent.

Air New Zealand China is working to expand their Taboola campaigns to reach brand awareness goals, for which they will leverage Taboola Video and Taboola’s Data Marketplace.

Campaign Highlights:

600+ Visitors a Day

10+ Flight Searches a Day

120% Average Return on Investment (ROI) per Month


Air New Zealand China operates daily direct flights flying from Shanghai to Auckland and connects to more than 20 New Zealand domestic destinations seamlessly. Their goal is to be the customers’ airline of choice when travelling to, from and within New Zealand.


Reach new audiences and boost online ticketing sales directly on their official website.


Launch “A Better Way to Fly,” their most recent marketing campaign, using sponsored content on Taboola’s discovery platform.


With Taboola, Air New Zealand China attracts 600+ visitors and 10+ flight searches a day. This totals a 120% ROI each month.