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Placetel, Part of Cisco, Increases Brand Awareness with 80 Million Taboola Impressions

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Placetel, Part of Cisco, Increases Brand Awareness with 80 Million Taboola Impressions

  • 80 million Impressions
  • 750% Increase in Placetel native Sign-Ups
  • 33% Of Placetel Sign-Ups Driven by Retargeting Campaigns

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Placetel is one of the leading providers of cloud-based calling and collaboration solution and has been part of the global Cisco family since 2018.


Increase awareness of Placetel business-to-business (B2B) service in Germany. Plus get first conversions from native advertising.


Work with Taboola to distribute native video and sponsored content campaigns to increase brand awareness, and eventually after seeing such high- quality traffic, drive Placetel sign-ups.


Placetel drove sign-ups in just 6 months with Taboola. Their marketing activities saw an 250% increase in impressions, and increased native and programmatic conversions by 750% with the addition of retargeting campaigns.

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Placetel is one of the leading providers of cloud-based calling and collaboration solution and has been part of the global Cisco family since 2018. Since our founding in 2008, we’ve been working on innovative solutions to reach our goal of revolutionizing business communication and to simplify everyday work for companies.

Taboola Video Increases Brand Awareness for Placetel

Taboola Video Increases Brand Awareness for Placetel

Placetel wanted to find the best way to reach audiences at scale in order to support increasing brand awareness for Placetel. This was especially
important during the massive transition to working from home, where businesses had an even larger need to move communications to the cloud.

They’d been struggling to hit their awareness goals with just search and social platforms, and with other native advertising platforms.

Working with Taboola, Placetel distributed branded video. Taboola
videos appear at the end of an article or page, where users are most likely to engage with content. Videos play only when in-view, and sound is userinitiated, optimizing viewability and user experience. Research shows users find Taboola ads 2.4X more favorable than disruptive ads.

Placetel Drives Conversions with Taboola Sponsored Content, Retargeting Video Viewers

Video viewers were then retargeted with sponsored content campaigns when Placetel realized that the cost-per-lead was lower than originally expected, in order to drive sign-ups.

Retargeting enables marketers to reach their customers closer to the point of sale — to target people who have already shown interest in their product and are therefore more likely to convert.

Placetel tested a variety of campaign types for a variety of products —
everything from traffic campaigns promoting their Placetel with Webex All-in-one-communication to the promotion of specific features, like their
integration with Microsoft Teams.

Campaigns drove traffic to the homepage of their site, which were optimized to promote their newest products and features. For some
products, custom landing pages were used.

Placetel Uses Automated Bidding and Installs Taboola Pixel to Optimize Campaign Success

Placetel fulfilled its plan of reaching their target relevant B2B audiences
for cloud phone set-ups.

They implemented the Taboola Pixel in order to retarget the audience
generated with Taboola Video. The retargeting campaign was extremely
successful and stays constantly under the planned CPA goal. Most of their conversions come from their retargeting campaigns.

To track conversions, Taboola Pixel gathers data to give you an
understanding of the actions users take on your site. This allows
Taboola to put that data to work in order to optimize your marketing
campaigns towards desired and valuable actions.

In addition to their retargeting campaign, Placetel now targets using custom audiences by interest.

In order to optimize their bidding strategies, Placetel uses Taboola
Smartbid, a bidding feature that helps you maximize campaign
performance by automatically adjusting the baseline bid of every
impression based on the likelihood to drive conversions or page views.

Placetel plans to expand their activities with Taboola to the GB and
french markets after seeing such good initial success in Germany.

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“Generating B2B leads with native and programmatic traffic was a challenge for Placetel in the past, which is why when we started out with Taboola campaigns, we focused on brand awareness. When we saw high-quality traffic coming through the door, we quickly pivoted and implemented retargeting campaigns, which ultimately led to conversions. This is Placetels first great success with native campaigns.”

- Jerome Schramme, Performance Marketing Manager