Build Traffic

Drive traffic by getting your content recommended on top sites such as USA Today, The Weather Channel, Fox Sports and Daily Mail.

Reach over 400 million people a month and discover massive new audiences that are targeted, engaged, and interested to consume the content on your own site.

Who uses Taboola to acquire engaged traffic
  • Taboola is our point solution for driving large, engaged audiences to branded content. Performance for Vans, Levi's, Sol Republic and other clients has been outstanding. 10-15x increase in views, 3-5x increase in earned media. Brands and media buyers take note, this is the real deal.
    Ryan Denehy
    Executive Director, Spur/Rooster
  • We partnered with Taboola when they launched in France and we've worked with them as a publisher and an advertiser. Results have been astonishing! On, we've noticed that Taboola visitors stay longer on the site and that their page views are 6 times higher.
    Benjamin Romei
    Founder & CEO, ADN Contents
  • Acquire Engaged Audience 

    Taboola studies the way people behave as they interact with content to determine whether that experience was engaging - we call that EngageRank. Taboola predicts and surfaces what 'content from around the web' sites visitors are highly likely to be interested in. This allows publishers and brands to distribute their content with Taboola, and drive new, loyal and engaged audiences to their site.

  • Boost Traffic

    Tap into Taboola’s premium publisher network, reaching over 400M unique visitors a month, serving 5B recommendations a day on all various platforms -- and build consistent, high-quality and scalable traffic to your site.  

  • Know What's Going On

    Not all traffic is made equal. For publishers and brands distributing their valuable content, we believe that it is key to have tangible analytics about their content performance around the web, and to be able to qualify users reaching the site. Taboola Backstage provides the KPI you need to make data-driven decisions about how to best distribute your content.

  • Build

    high-quality audiences from the world’s leading publishers
  • Drive

    massive audiences to your site by leveraging Taboola platform and reach 
  • GET

    high engagement, and earned-media by driving the right users to your site
  • scale

    up your site, and video business with Taboola’s extensive publisher network
  • gain

    insights into your content performance around the web
  • reach

    people on desktops and mobile devices