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Notix Drives 2X Revenue Growth with Taboola API Push Notifications & Sponsored Content

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Notix Drives 2X Revenue Growth with Taboola API Push Notifications & Sponsored Content

  • 2X Revenue Growth

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Notix is a comprehensive web, mobile, and in-app push notification service that helps businesses increase audience engagement.


Establish a new, more robust revenue stream for both new and existing partners.


Use Taboola API Push Notifications and sponsored content to deliver personalized and monetized recommendations to engaged subscribers.


With Taboola, Notix successfully achieved 2X revenue growth and established a new, trusted monetization solution for their clients.

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Notix, a frontrunner in web, mobile, and in-app push notification services, offers businesses robust tools for audience segmentation, push monetization, API integration, and real-time statistics.

Their services are strategically designed to elevate audience engagement for a variety of businesses, including website owners, online businesses, affiliates, media agencies, and app developers.

Notix Launches Entirely New Revenue Stream with Taboola Push Notifications

Notix Launches Entirely New Revenue Stream with Taboola Push Notifications

Notix was looking to create a robust new revenue stream for both their new and existing publisher clients. Notix adopted an innovative approach by integrating with Taboola as their official advertising partner.

As a leading content recommendation platform, Taboola works with more than 15,000 advertisers to reach over 500 million daily active users across publisher sites. Taboola helps people discover the things they may like with a range of sponsored content tools and formats — one of the most unique being push notifications.

Here’s a quick look at how they work: Publishers can invite site visitors to sign up for browser-based push notifications in one click. Publishers then reach those users when they’re not on site with personalized push notifications of content recommendations. From there, users can engage with these notifications and click through to the site to read more, indicating high levels of engagement.

Push notifications aren’t just for organic engagement, however. Publishers can take this format a step further by monetizing their notifications with sponsored content. That’s where Taboola shines, connecting push subscribers with native ads that match their interests and drive revenue.

With this approach, Notix was able to diversify their service offerings and foster more trust among their clients.

Notix Boosts Client Results with Strategic Taboola Partnership

Notix’s strategic partnership with Taboola yielded remarkable results: Notix generated 2X revenue growth — a milestone that marked the success of their innovative strategy.

This growth in revenue didn’t just strengthen Notix’s market standing; it also reinforced monetization as a viable and attractive concept for their clients, some of whom had initially harbored doubts. Overall, working with Taboola helped Notix demonstrate their capacity to deliver effective solutions and tangible results.

With newfound confidence stemming from this success, Notix is eager to continue expanding their partnership with Taboola, exploring innovative strategies to further amplify their service offerings and improve client outcomes.

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“Taboola, recognized for their high-quality sponsored content recommendations and vast reach across premium publishers, offered us an ideal opportunity to further diversify our service offerings and deliver superior outcomes for our clients. Our partnership with Taboola also reflects our continued dedication to exploring new technologies and fostering collaborative efforts in monetization.”

- Alex Koshkin, Head of Product Development, Notix