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Finance Brand Achieves 46% Lower CPE* with Taboola and Yahoo Native Ads

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Finance Brand Achieves 46% Lower CPE* with Taboola and Yahoo Native Ads

  • 46% Decrease in Cost Per Lead Engagement Compared to Previous Native Campaigns*

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An American multinational financial services company.


Increase on-site engagements at efficient costs


Launch native ads on Yahoo inventory, powered by Taboola.


With Taboola and Yahoo, the finance brand achieved a 46% decrease in CPE, beating their target spending goal.

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Finance Brand Unlocks Premium Taboola and Yahoo Native Ad Placements for Enhanced Performance

A financial advertiser was looking to drive on-site engagements at a more efficient cost per engagement (CPE). They’d already had success using the Yahoo DSP to launch native ads across Yahoo’s vast network of premium properties, which includes Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Sports.

Now, they were going to take their campaign performance to the next level with the new Taboola and Yahoo integration. As the exclusive native advertising partner for all of Yahoo’s digital properties, Taboola gives advertisers the tools to access premium native ad placements across Yahoo’s trusted editorial sites, which reach nearly 900 million readers around the world.

By combining Yahoo’s scale with Taboola’s native expertise, targeting capabilities, and bidding solutions, we’ve created what will be the world’s largest native advertising marketplace. The finance advertiser took the opportunity to be an adopter of this new, integrated solution.

The result? With the power of Taboola and Yahoo, the brand was able to outperform their CPE goal, driving a 46% decrease in CPE while increasing on-site engagement at scale.

*Source: Yahoo internal data