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Mornin’ Glory Sees 1483% Increase in CVR with Taboola as Top Channel

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Mornin’ Glory Drives High Performance with Sponsored Content

  • 1483% Increase in Conversion Rate with Taboola over Time
  • 10% Impact on Overall Conversion Rate of All Native Ads

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Mornin’ Glory is the smart alternative to the shaving brands on the supermarket shelves. Its products are available by direct purchase and subscription packages.


Grow the German market quickly, and drive high-quality converting traffic with high return on investment (ROI).


Use the Taboola discovery platform to drive quality traffic that converts at a large scale and impacts Mornin’ Glory native ad conversion rate goals.


Achieved an 1483% increase in conversion rate (CVR) for Mornin’ Glory with Taboola over time and a 10% increase in native advertising conversion rate.

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Mornin’ Glory provides a smart alternative to the shaving blades on the supermarket and general store shelves. Their mission—to build a brand that makes every man’s morning a glorious morning. They pride themselves on quality. The Mornin’ Glory team is fully dedicated to reinvent men`s morning ritual by bringing high-quality and affordable razors directly to their customers. To ensure a perfect grooming, Mornin’ Glory complements its razors with a line of high quality pre- and post-shaving products. Sourced locally, these great products are free of parabens, alcohol and aluminum and without animal testing.

Taboola Drives Significant Impact on Mornin’ Glory Customer Acquisition

Taboola Drives Significant Impact on Mornin’ Glory Customer Acquisition

In order to sufficiently establish themselves as a leading razor brand in the German market, Mornin’ Glory started performance marketing with sponsored content—they were looking to achieve the biggest outcome for the least amount of spend.

To target their campaigns, Mornin’ Glory used Taboola geotargeting to reach an audience that would be genuinely interested in discovering their brand, and therefore would have the best probability of conversion.

They used Taboola in the beginning of their dive into the German market, and their very first Taboola campaign is still running today. Over the course of the relationship, Taboola has become their marketing channel with a high budget and is one of the biggest contributors to Mornin’ Glory’s bottom line.

Taboola Lifted Native Ad CVR for Mornin’ Glory by 10% over 10 months

Taboola traffic is one of the highest converting traffic channels for Mornin’ Glory, performing on the same level like social media and search marketing.

This success is partly due to the account management team at Taboola whose optimization expertise on the technology platform has provided highly efficient targeting techniques. The Taboola creative strategy team also worked with Mornin’ Glory to optimize creatives for success in their market.

Mornin’ Glory achieved an increase of 1483% CVR from the performance campaigns they’ve run with Taboola over time, and a 10% increase in their native advertising conversion rates.

Mornin’ Glory is considering the running of video campaigns with Taboola in the future, as well as increasing the campaigns budget for the channel.

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We wanted to make a big splash in the German market, and needed a channel that would provide us with a high-quality audience interested in discovering our brand. Taboola has become a top partner for acquisition in Germany—we’ve seen a significant impact on our overall bottom line.

- Corinna Breitkreutz, Head of Performance Marketing at Mornin’ Glory