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Whirlpool Drives 24,000 Blog Visits In 2 Months With Taboola

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65% of Whirlpool Traffic Comes from Mobile: Reaching Consumers in Browsing Mode, Creating Top of the Funnel Awareness

  • 20M Visits in 2 Months
  • +24K Clicks Generated

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Whirlpool is one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances around the world.


Penetrating brand presence in India through informative blog to reach and engage with new customers.


Leverage Taboola’s discovery platform and recommend Whirlpool’s valuable brand content to targeted users in the Indian market.


20 million visits in two months with more than 24 thousand clicks.

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Whirlpool, one of the largest global manufacturers and marketers of home appliances, has created an informative blog for the Indian market as an innovative way to maintain their presence in the consumers’ minds and reach new customers.

Topics include a variety of home economics articles, such as “Veggie Storage: 5 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong” and “How to remove stains and take care of your fabric.”

Creating a blog is not always enough to get traffic from the right consumers. To help grow their audience, Taboola serves Whirlpool’s valuable brand content to consumers while they are reading content on premium sites such as NDTV, Rediff, India Today, PMC group, BollywoodShadis, Hindustan Times, and many more.

Result: Content Recommendation Reaches New Readers at Scale

Result: Content Recommendation Reaches New Readers at Scale

The below best practices, used by Whirlpool in conjunction with their agency MSL, led to great results for CPC and reach. By growing monthly budgets and using competitive CPCs, Whirlpool increased the CTR on their sponsored content pieces across the web by 44%, thanks to effective optimization and consistent uploading of new content.

1. On Brand: Their message is true to Whirlpool’s core competencies of home electronics and home care.
2. Defined Customer: Most Whirlpool customers are contemporary homemakers who are modern, aspirational and willing to experiment, yet uncompromising on quality. The blog is clearly targeted to these customers with relevant, engaging content as well as timely advice on appliances.
3. Multiple Headlines and Images for Each Article: To test the most attractive options for readers.
4. Quantity of Content: There is a wealth of advice and ideas to discover concerning home care and cooking on the site. Readers are enticed to click from article to article within Whirlpool’s branded world.

Quick Facts

After two months of Taboola campaigns, the blog reached 20 million visits with more than 24 thousand clicks.

• The most popular blog post was “Top Ten Things Your Microwave Can Do”
• CTR consistently increased with optimizations

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