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meltygroup Sees a 300% Increase in Native Advertising Revenue with Taboola

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Taboola Feed Engages meltygroup Readers with a Personalized Experience of Sponsored and Organic Content

  • 300% Increase in native ad revenue

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meltygroup is France’s leading media group specializing in youth culture online. Its sites are targeted to an audience of 12-17 year olds and 18-34 year olds.


Optimize the monetization of content pages and recirculation of organic content, while offering an optimal experience for readers.


Deploy the Taboola Feed on mobile devices to provide mobile users with a continuous and personalized stream of sponsored and organic content.


A significant increase in revenue per mile (RPM) and the continuation of organic recirculation.

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Founded in 2008 by Alexandre Malsch and Jérémy Nicolas, and chaired since February 2018 by Bruno Massiet du Biest, melty has become a leading digital media group dedicated to millenials and youth culture. With readership from 50% of France’s millennial population, meltygroup records 100 million monthly cumulative visits on all digital platforms including five websites, three Snapchat channels and 10 Facebook pages.

Meltygroup Strikes Balance Between Monetization and Recirculation with Taboola

Meltygroup Strikes Balance Between Monetization and Recirculation with Taboola

At the end of 2018, meltygroup deployed Taboola Feed, a continuous scroll of sponsored and organic content, to offer an experience comparable to that found on social networks. As a result, readers interact longer with sponsored content, maximizing monetization and performance without sacrificing user experience.

In addition to increasing interaction with sponsored content, meltygroup was also faced with the challenge of effectively recirculating its organic content. Before integrating the Taboola Feed, articles were in an organic “infinite scroll” format, allowing users to discover the following article only by continuing to scroll down. The result was a significant number of pages viewed per user, but with relatively low engagement.

Today, meltygroup has found its balance with the Taboola Feed, which alternates sponsored content and organic content.

With Taboola, meltygroup is able to Test and Optimize Across Platforms

meltygroup and Taboola have formed an agile partnership. The commitment of the account management team at Taboola combined with meltygroup’s willingness to test new approaches paved the way for a constantly evolving partnership with the shared goals of monetary performance, the consideration of the audience experience and the recirculation of organic content.

meltygroup has been able to easily deploy the Taboola experience across all platforms––websites, mobile sites, AMP pages and mobile applications.

The ability to constantly test and learn makes Taboola pivotal in solving the editorial and monetary challenges faced by meltygroup.

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The transition to Taboola Feed and our partnership with Taboola is a real success. Thanks to the know-how and determination of their teams, we managed to find a very good balance between the monetization of sponsored content, the recirculation of our organic content and an optimal experience for our users.

- Jean-Marc Yildiz, Chief Digital Officer, meltygroup