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Elements Interests Over 4,000 Potential Guests to Stay in ISCHGL Resort with Taboola Video

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  • 3x Video Interactions Per Active Viewer
  • 4,000+ Total Video Interactions

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ISCHGL is a well-known Austrian mountain region resort. (Elements) is a tourism-focused agency that launches successful marketing campaigns for their clients, including ISCHGL.


Elements wanted to try something new for ISCHGL and highlight three topics related to the resort––ski, lifestyle and nightlife––to gauge potential guest interest.


Leverage Taboola video for three different video assets related to each topic, and then use performance to determine which topics gained the most consumer interest.


With Taboola video, Elements saw 3x the video interactions per active viewer and over 4,000 total video interactions for ISCHGL.

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When tourism-focused agency Elements was looking for a way to help their client ISCHGL, a well-known ski resort in Austria, advertise three different topics related to their resort to ultimately determine which was the most interesting to their audience, Taboola was a natural fit.

Already having worked on sponsored content campaigns with Taboola for ISCHGL, Elements knew that Taboola could provide value with a video campaign as well.

Leveraging three pieces of video content that they had created, Elements launched them with Taboola to get a more concrete sense of which topic made users engage the most.

Elements Leveraged Taboola’s Video Studio for ISCHGL

Elements Leveraged Taboola’s Video Studio for ISCHGL

Taboola’s Video Studio is an in-house creative team that helps advertisers optimize engagement and results for videos. Our studio team helps drive ROI using creative best practices and features like custom overlays, end-slates and more.

In the case of the videos created with Video Studio for ISCHGL, viewers were given the opportunity to click on a button while watching that led them to one of three sub-sites––one centered around skiing, one around nightlife, and one around other lifestyle activities.

For Elements, the Taboola Video Studio was the perfect solution to optimize existing video content to best fit their client ISCHGL’s goals and needs.

Future Plans for Elements, ISCHGL, and Taboola

As a general rule of thumb, Elements is always looking for new and innovative ways to help ISCHGL create the most effective campaigns. Although seasonality does play a role in ISCHGL’s marketing strategy and they were able to discern the most interest in the skiing related videos, Elements runs Taboola sponsored content campaigns in

the summer as well, as many of ISCHGL’s offerings appeal to guests regardless of season.

Given the success of the three-pronged approach to the aforementioned video campaign, Elements will be working with their team at Taboola to continuously replicate that success, iterate, and continue to improve.

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“Taboola allowed for a whole new way to use video content that ISCHGL produced, and for us to get valuable insight into the interest of the consumers, in a unique way.”

- Sabrina Gell, Campaign Manager,