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Port Phillip Publishing Generates 1,000’s of Subscriptions with Taboola’s Content Discovery Platform

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Acquiring Leads Through Free Daily Emails

  • 10% Increase In Average Campaign Conversion Rate
  • +1K Email Sign-Ups a Month

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Port Phillip Publishing is an independent financial publisher providing commentaries, economic analysis, and market forecasts.


Acquire high-quality customers via email subscription leads.


Leverage Taboola’s content discovery platform to relevant audiences.


Double-digit increase in average conversion rate and thousands of email sign-ups a month.

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Port Phillip Publishing is a financial publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. The company provides independent financial commentary, economic analysis and market forecasts through print and email publications, books and conferences. They reach more than 20,000 investors through its subscription services.

Acquiring Leads Through Free Daily Emails

At Port Phillip Publishing content really is king. The company offers four free daily emails – The Daily Reckoning, Money Morning, The Pursuit of Happiness and Tech Insider. Rather than reporting news, Port Phillip Publishing writes about what they think matters, why it matters, and what investors can do about it.

Generating email subscriptions is a key component of the Port Phillip Publishing’s customer acquisition strategy. The company’s free email readership expanded from around 270 readers of their free emails in 2005 to over 100,000 today.

Generating 1,000s of Email Sign-Ups a Month with Content Discovery

In an effort to grow its email subscriber list, Port Phillip Publishing turned to Taboola. They promoted articles such as “3 Reasons Our Recession Free Run is Over” and “3 Paradise Boltholes Where Aussies Can Live Like a King on the Cheap” to relevant audiences through Taboola’s content discovery platform. Each of the pages offered readers the chance to subscribe to a free daily email.

Ongoing Optimization Driving Content ROI

Port Phillip Publishing has been running an average of 10 content campaigns every month with Taboola, working closely with Taboola’s account managers to optimize content, titles, thumbnails, targeting and CPC.

The results have been nothing short of remarkable: Port Phillip Publishing managed to double their monthly subscriptions, with CTR that is well above the industry average and while maintaining a low CPA.

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Uploading new content on a weekly basis, tracking click to leads performance, and working closely with our dedicated account manager, are what we believe enabled this growth and success for Port Phillip Publishing with Taboola.

- Ashley Huang, PPC Coordinator, Port Phillip Publishing