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Hispanic Inbound Marketing Agency Deems Taboola As Most Effective Lead-Gen Channel

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Discovery Generates Results Faster Than Social, Search Or Display

  • 10% Increase In Average Campaign Conversion Rate

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Grou is an inbound marketing agency based in Mexico specializing in generating highly qualified leads and works with clients throughout their customer’s decision process.


Increase the number of high-quality leads at a faster rate.


Leverage Taboola’s contextual targeting technology to reach audiences who are consuming content relevant to Grou’s business.


Double-digit growth of Grou’s average campaign conversion rate.


Based in Mexico, inbound marketing agency Grou works with clients around Latin America on all stages of the customer decision process, optimizing lead generation strategies from consideration to conversion and, ultimately, retention. The agency’s own lead generation strategy includes a series of regular blog posts featuring actionable tips for marketers and insights derived from successful case studies. Despite the high-quality content, Grou’s team experienced limited success promoting their services through search and social channels, and turned to discovery to boost their lead-gen efforts.

Discovery Generates Results Faster Than Social, Search Or Display

Grou’s multi-channel promotion strategy has included campaigns across LinkedIn, Twitter, and AdWords, and while these efforts generated results, those leads often took a long time to come to fruition. Just weeks after partnering with Taboola, Grou found that discovery generated more high-quality leads, more quickly, than any other promotion channel. Many prospects actively reached out to Grou’s team after submitting their contact information, a level of interest that hadn’t been encountered on other channels.

Contextual Targeting Drives 10% Average Conversion Rate On Taboola

Building on early successes with discovery, Grou leveraged Taboola’s contextual targeting capabilities to further optimize their campaigns toward the most relevant audiences. Diving into the data, their team discovered that prospective customers were most likely to be interested in learning about Grou’s services while reading articles on Hispanic sites covering business, personal finance, technology and computing. By identifying these content categories as “pre-qualifiers” for finding engaged audiences, Grou was able to strategically promote their content and bid on only the most valuable prospects. Contextual targeting boosted Grou’s average campaign conversion rate to nearly 10%, reaching as high as 30-70% on select days.

Bringing Taboola To Clients Throughout Latin America

Grou works with a variety of clients around Latin America on improving their lead generation strategies. After internalizing the many learnings and best practices from its successful campaigns on Taboola, Grou recommended discovery to its roster of clients, offering a powerful new way to generate more qualified leads, faster, than with any other advertising or marketing channel.

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When looking for prospective customers across the web, it’s vital to engage with them at just the right time, when they’re open to learning more about a product or service. Taboola empowers us to reach audiences at precisely this moment, on top sites where people are consuming content relevant to our business.

- Gabriel Ponzio, Madero Sr. Account Manager, Grou