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dtac business Finds More Than 500 New Potential B2B Telecommunications Customers for WorryFree SIM Product with Taboola

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dtac business Finds More Than 500 New Potential B2B Telecommunications Customers for WorryFree SIM Product with Taboola

  • 500+ Leads Driven in 7 Months
  • 60.2% Video completion rate
  • 500K Completed views in 30 days
  • 0.17% CTR with Smartbid
  • 767,000 Users driven to DTAC Website

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dtac business, part of Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (dtac), Thailand’s leading telecommunications which provides connectivity services and business solutions for small, medium and large enterprises from simple mobility packages to advanced 5G use cases, IoT, cloud, networking and messaging solutions, all of which can empower businesses to be more efficient, digital and connected.


Increase awareness and leads for the sale of their WorryFree SIM solution, which provides businesses with telecommunications without additional fees.


Work with Taboola to distribute native video and sponsored content campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive leads for WorryFree SIM.


Generated 500 highly qualified leads for their B2B Product offering and half a million completed views with 60.2% completion rate in 30 days.

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Total Access Communication PLC or dtac is a leading mobile operator in Thailand, providing 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G services. Through its highly-advanced digitization initiatives, dtac (Stock Exchange of Thailand symbol: DTAC) is committed to continually improving its mobile services, connecting its customers to what matters most, and empowering society.

Connectivity is a fundamental need and serves as the lifeblood of modern societies. For over 30 years, dtac has delivered mobile connectivity to our customers, allowing them to work, play and stay in touch with one another. We deliver our services in a safe, reliable and efficient way, ensuring Thailand’s development and digital transformation.

dtac business uses Taboola Video to Increase Awareness Amongst B2B Consumers in Thailand

dtac business uses Taboola Video to Increase Awareness Amongst B2B Consumers in Thailand

dtac business wanted to raise awareness of their business solution- focused WorryFree SIM product in Thailand. This mobile package answers all needs of business’s communication problems without worry. They pay for only what they use without obligation, including free calls to all networks 24-hours a day with no contract needed.

With Taboola Video, dtac business was able to find the right audiences in B2B audiences that are hard to access on other platforms. Their campaign lasted for one month and drove half a million completed video views in that short timeframe.

dtac business uses Taboola Sponsored Content to Drive Leads

Using sponsored content placements, dtac business drove leads to their WorryFree SIM product page. Using the conversion rate for a form fill on the page as their guide, they tracked the percentage of conversions on site.

Their campaign ran for five months, and connected dtac business with 500 potential customers in that short timeframe.

dtac business Leverages Taboola’s Full Suite of Targeting Options: Data Marketplace, Taboola Segments, Retargeting and Attentive Audiences

In order to get the highest performance, dtac business ran three separate campaigns on the Taboola platform:

  • The first focused on interest data, which they leveraged using Taboola’s audience segments, and included people interested in business news, international business, entrepreneurship, SMEs, and more.
  • The second, leveraged Taboola’s Data Marketplace and third-party audiences including data segments from partners like Eyeota, Lotame, Oracle, and more, prioritizing audiences interested in B2B marketing.
  • The third leveraged attentive audiences and retargeting to reach people who had already shown interest in the dtac business brand with specific call-to-actions designed to drive them further down the purchase funnel.

To track their success, dtac business implemented Taboola Pixel on all landing pages, and leveraged Taboola Smartbid to ensure they were getting the most optimal bid every time.

dtac business plans to grow further with Taboola, since the platform generates better results when compared among the rest of their media mix.

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“From the start of our campaign’s launch, we got seamless support from Taboola in everything from brainstorming, to developing a media strategy, to implementation. They closely monitor our campaign and optimize to ensure performance at scale.”

- UM Fastbridge Thailand,