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Telangana Publications Sees 34% Increase in Organic Click-Through Rate with Taboola Feed

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Telangana Publications Sees 34% Increase in Organic Click-Through Rate with Taboola Feed

  • 34% Increase in Organic Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

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Telangana Publications runs Telangana Today and NT News, delivering breaking news, timely updates, and extensive coverage from the youngest state in India.


Increase website traffic and monetization revenue among target audiences


Implement Taboola Feed across article pages to recommend additional content, keep users on site, and monetize engagement.


With Taboola, Telangana Publications generated a 34% increase in organic CTR, as well as increased time on site and engagement.

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Telangana Publications, founded in 2010, is a publishing company based in Hyderabad, India. The organization runs two online properties: Telangana Today and NT News, reaching readers with breaking news, timely updates, and extensive coverage from Hyderabad and Telangana.

Telangana Today is backed by an energetic team of both experienced and young journalists. The publication uses the latest technology, combining multimedia with the highest standards of long-form journalism to connect with readers in real time through their website and social channels.

NT News is published from Hyderabad in Telangana. They bring breaking news, timely updates and extensive coverage. They also cover a daily spread of news and views on Hyderabad and Telangana’s politics, burgeoning business centers, IT hubs and cutting edge technology crafted in the youngest State in India, transportation and civic issues, developmental projects across varied sectors, the heritage that defines Hyderabad, exciting sports events, Tollywood’s groundbreaking movies, and much more.

Telangana Publications Drives Organic Recommendations with Taboola Feed

Telangana Publications Drives Organic Recommendations with Taboola Feed

Telangana Publications wanted to increase traffic and monetization across its sites, driving more engagement and revenue from each user experience. The company was already using Google AdSense to monetize its content, but they were looking to diversify their mix and improve results.

That’s when they found Taboola. As the world’s largest discovery platform, Taboola helps publishers serve content recommendations to over 500 million daily active users across the web each month with native ads.

Telangana Publications started by testing the Taboola Widget, which displays a set number of content recommendations at the bottom of article pages. Once they saw impressive performance from the Widget, they moved on to implement the Taboola Feed, Taboola’s flagship product for publishers.

Taboola Feed uses AI-powered technology to bring the continuous scroll of social networks to publisher sites on the open web. As users scroll through article and category pages, they’re presented with recommended content from the website they’re already on as well as paid placements from other publishers and advertisers. With Taboola Feed, publishers can drive more engagement and revenue from each visitor.

Telangana also used the Next Up feature, which displays recommendations in a sticky slider unit above the fold. And they implemented the Explore More tool, which re-engages website visitors who come from an external application like Google Hangouts or iMessage. When those users leave an article and click back to their app, they’re first shown a feed of personalized content recommendations — giving them another opportunity to engage with organic and monetized content.

After working with Taboola, Telangana Publications increased its organic clickthrough rate (CTR) by 34% across mobile and desktop devices. In fact, compared to other channels, Taboola had the biggest impact on organic recirculation — increasing time on site and user engagement as well.

Now, Telangana Publications is looking to adopt new Taboola recommendations tools like the Homepage Widget. They’ll also use the Read More button to maximize monetization on mobile. Once mobile users are presented with a “Read More” button, they can either click through to the full article or engage with the Taboola Feed, driving even more revenue and on-site engagement.

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“We chose to use the Taboola Feed and Video Ads because they can help drive revenue and user engagement. So far, they 100% deliver! The Taboola account management team has also been very supportive in terms of getting in touch and being responsive. We look forward to implementing new tools and renewing our partnership.”

- Masood Hussain, Digital Sales Manager, Telangana Today