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Taboola is One of the Top Channels in Renault Australia’s Media Mix

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Taboola is One of the Top Channels in Renault Australia’s Media Mix

  • 51% Lower Cost Per Acquisition
  • 16% Lower Cost Per Click

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Renault Australia has been a pioneer in car manufacturing since 1898, offering a range of quality passenger and light commercial vehicles.


Drive potential car buyers to Renault’s website at scale and retarget engaged audiences to increase conversions.


Use Image and Motion Ads, along with retargeting tools, to reach valuable new audiences on the open web.


With Taboola, Renault Australia drove a 51% lower CPA, and 16% lower CPC.

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With a range of passenger, SUV and light commercial vehicles, Renault Australia makes quality cars with a spirit of “joie de vivre.”

Founded in 1898, Renault combines unique French styling with cutting-edge innovation to make life easier, more sophisticated and more exciting for drivers. Its cars are designed to adapt to the way you want to live, so you can experience life in the way that works for you.

Renault Reaches Potential Car Buyers with Taboola Native Ads

Renault Reaches Potential Car Buyers with Taboola Native Ads

Renault Australia was eager to drive website clicks and conversions among potential car buyers while also lowering costs. Their Activation Account Director, Kate Long, had already worked with Taboola at two different agencies and seen strong results. So she knew what the content discovery platform had to offer: native advertising reach, proprietary data, tracking capabilities, and robust performance inventory. She recommended Renault Australia run a trial campaign, adding Taboola to their marketing mix in an effort to drive consideration and leads.

Taboola worked with Renault to launch Image and Motion Ads across Taboola’s network of premium publisher properties — including blogs, niche websites, and mobile devices. Image Ads contain an image, headline, description, and call to action (CTA). Motion Ads are similar, but they include eye-catching graphics that move for up to 15 seconds and look like GIFs.

Renault also used Taboola’s Data Marketplace to reach valuable new audiences and pull insights for targeting on other platforms. The Data Marketplace offers more than 20,000 distinct audience segments based on data from 1.4 billion monthly users across the Taboola Network.

Taboola’s account management team is helpful and knowledgeable, making the work process smooth and productive,” said Long. “Naz and Didier are always responsive and ready to help. They have been able to accommodate tight turn-arounds and come up with excellent ideas and optimizations to help improve our campaigns.”

Taboola Becomes a Top-Performing Platform for Driving Conversions

Each ad led to a model-specific landing page. Once there, users could learn more about the product and brand. For visitors who didn’t convert right away, Renault used Taboola Pixel to identify and re-target them with personalized ads.

“By using Taboola Pixel, we were able to capture website visitors and segment them into interest groups,” said Long. “This helps us bring these audiences back to the Renault website by delivering a relevant and engaging message. This retargeting strategy delivers a large volume of leads with strong efficiency. It also enables us to exclude past website visitors from our prospecting campaigns, so it reaches new audiences effectively.”

Renault also used Taboola’s SmartBid tool, which automatically optimizes bids based on which impressions are most likely to drive conversions.

As a result of these efforts, Renault has generated conversions across “car configurations”, “find a dealer locator”, “book a test drive” and “brochure downloads”. Taboola was able to provide significant cost efficiency, delivering a 16% lower cost-per-click (CPC) and 51% lower cost-peracquisition (CPA) when compared to another native service provider. This has positioned Taboola as one of the top-performing platforms in Renault’s media mix.

Having seen these results, Renault will continue working using Taboola Ads as part of their always-on strategy. They’ll also seek opportunities to experiment with other targeting options and ad formats on the platform.

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"We were looking to streamline our native campaigns and knew that Taboola was worth testing because of their wide range of data and tracking capabilities, as well as strong performing inventory. Our experience with Taboola on other accounts was positive with strong results, so it was an easy choice to include Taboola as a trial which later on became part of Renault’s always-on strategy. The support we receive from Taboola is in the top few of all partners we work with."

- Kate Long, Activation Account Director, OMD Australia