Arabella Helps Novartis Raise Awareness with Taboola Sponsored Content

Arabella Helps Novartis Raise Awareness with Taboola Sponsored Content

“We were able to see that more leads came from the Taboola campaign than other healthcarespecific publications with whom we have direct relationships like Healthy Minute, My Life, and even the Google Display Network.” 

- Douglas Gregorio, Performance Manager, Arabella Agency

Arabella is a full service digital advertising agency running marketing for Novartis. Based in Switzerland, Novartis is a global healthcare company with the potential to reach patients all over the world. In order to maximize reach and quality lead generation after several unfruitful tries at native advertising, Arabella turned to Taboola to increase brand awareness and increase new leads.

Arabella Yields 133% Increase in Leads for Novartis with Taboola

With Taboola, Arabella is Able to Provide Tangible Value for Their Client

From the beginning of managing their campaign, Arabella truly felt that Taboola was the right channel for Novartis. 

Taboola was a clear front-runner, even against previous healthcarespecific publications, largely due to the fact that Novartis’s landing page included an interactive quiz. Landing pages of this type perform well on the Taboola network, and are recommended by the creative strategy team. They engage potential leads in a personalized activity, and then present them with the ability to convert. 

Promoting this content with Taboola more than doubled the amount of leads generated in comparison with a similar effort the year before.

Arabella Attracts Interested Customers for Novartis Using a Gamified Landing Page 

Using Taboola Sponsored Content, Arabella was able to amplify the impact of a dynamic Novartis website.

After consuming information about UCE, the condition Novartis wanted to educate their audience on, readers were then able to take a quiz testing their knowledge. At the end of the quiz, they were able to sign up to learn more.

Compared to past efforts, the leads obtained through this were lifted by 133%, allowing Novartis to share important information regarding UCE with those who need it most.

After seeing success with Novartis, Arabella expanded their use of Taboola to more of their clients.


133% Year Over Year (YOY) Increase in Leads

14% Of Leads Generated with Taboola


Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to the evolving needs of patients worldwide. Arabella is a full service digital advertising agency running marketing for Novartis. 


Outperform past display and native advertising campaigns that had yielded low results, and prove value to the client. 


Utilize Taboola Sponsored Content to increase quality lead generation.


With Taboola, Arabella was able to yield a 133% YOY increase in quality leads generated for Novartis.