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Avocados from Mexico Significantly Increases Web Traffic with Taboola

“At Ro2, we deliver media results for a variety of brands. For Avocados from Mexico, we’ve used several digital media channels—programmatic, native, social, and search. Taboola offers a great solution for traffic and has helped us generate leads on behalf of Avocados from Mexico.”

- Rodrigo Vallejo, Director, Ro2Media LLC

AFM was formed as a not-for-profit organization to coordinate the marketing activities for the Mexican Hass Avocados Importers Association, MHAIA and The Association of Growers and Packers of Avocados From Mexico (APEAM).

They focus on engaging audiences in the general and Hispanic markets, foodservice, and retail—they use customized strategies, programs, and tactics to address each. They yielded 1.6 billion media impressions in 2014-2015, and are rapidly breaking ground in produce marketing.

Discovery Campaigns Exceed Expectations for Website Traffic Growth

Targeting Success Brings Massive Traffic to Avocados from Mexico

Ro2, the agency that supports AFM marketing campaigns, originally began using the Taboola content discovery platform to drive traffic to the AFM site with several different types of campaigns. From there, they began to see that this traffic was successfully converting, and with excitement, adjusted their goals to include lead generation as well as traffic.

The Taboola content discovery platform uses predictive technology to target prospects at the exact time they’re open to discovering something new. We analyze hundreds of signals in real-time to show people content they actually want to read.

Website Traffic Significantly Increased

Throughout its campaigns on Taboola, AFM generated an increased amount of leads that resulted in avocado service packages, the delivery of avocados, implemented.

By targeting the right people, at the right time and with the right content, Avocados from Mexico was able to exceed their campaign expectations and increase their lead generation by 14%. Ro2 will be exploring expanded opportunities with Taboola to continue to grow and scale.

Campaign Highlights:

14% Increase in Lead Generation

Avocados from Mexico (AFM) is a not-for-profit that coordinates marketing activities for Mexican Hass Avocados Importers Association, MHAIA and The Association of Growers and Packers of Avocados From Mexico (APEAM).

Build brand awareness and increase website traffic to obtain more visibility in the open web.

Use Taboola’s discovery platform to amplify marketing efforts with new audiences on premium sites across the web.

Exceeded expectations for web traffic and conversions with the Taboola discovery platform, lead generation increased by more than 14%.