Publishers FAQ | World's Largest Discovery Platform | Taboola
  • How can I track and understand my performance?

    You can track your revenue through our analytics tool, Backstage. You can also use the tool to see pageviews and widget visibility rates, and you can analyze performance by widget placement and platform. Click here to log in to Backstage.

  • Does Backstage update in real time?

    No, Backstage does not update in real time. 

  • What does Taboola's widget do?

    The Taboola widget lets visitors discover content they may like by making recommendations that are based on behavioral, contextual, social, and general network trends. It helps publishers drive more views of content on their websites and mobile apps, and it creates an additional revenue stream from clicks on 3rd-party sponsored content.

  • Can I re-invest my publisher earnings into traffic acquisition?

    Yes, absolutely! We encourage all of our publishers to leverage Taboola's platform for audience development.

  • How do I get started with Taboola?

    Once you contact us, we will work with you to examine if your website is a good fit with Taboola in terms of traffic and language. Once the optimal layout is determined, we will send you the Javascript code for integration.

  • I added the Javascript code but can't see the widget - what is the problem?

    It can take up to 30 minutes from the moment you add the Javascript code until you see the Taboola widget. If the widget is not visible after 30 minutes, check that the full Javascript code was added in all the right places. If your code seems to be in order, please contact your Taboola Account Executive for further assistance.


  • What is the best location for the Taboola widget on my web pages?

    The best location for the Taboola widget is right below articles. As soon as visitors finish reading an article, they are served with targeted recommendations for additional content they may like. Our optimization experts can help you decide where to locate the widget on different types of pages, such as video pages and photo galleries.


  • Can I place the same Javascript code on different pages?

    Should you wish to add the Taboola Javascript code to new types of pages on your web site, please contact your Taboola Account Executive, as you will most likely need to use a modified version of the code.

  • How do I get paid by Taboola?

    Depending on your region, Taboola offers various methods for publisher payouts. We offer global bank transfer or direct deposit. Payments are processed 45 days after the end of the previous month, net 45. Read our payout policy and procedures.

  • I did not receive scheduled payments, what should I do?

    It is our goal to ensure all payments go out timely and in full. If you reinvest your earnings with our audience development team, occasionally there can be a delay in payments. Other reasons for delay include submission of incorrect bank details, internal banking delays or Publishers forgetting to sign up for Payoneer. Please notify your primary point of contact if there is a delay in payments.

  • Can I add another user to Backstage?

    Yes. Please email your primary point of contact at Taboola to request additional users. You will need to provide the following information: Publisher/ network name, new user name and new user email.