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Using Analytics to Increase ROI |

Using Analytics to Increase ROI

Using Analytics to Increase ROI

If you track your campaigns correctly, you won’t be collecting insurmountable amounts of data, but you will collect relevant, informative data which enables you to make informed directives to further your strategy. As soon as you launch any campaign, you begin collecting data - data about views, impressions, visits, etc. This data helps you calculate your conversion rate and whether that translates into revenue. A conversion is defined by the publisher as clicks and views. Tracking where all these metrics come from is what smart publishers do to make improvements in their campaigns.

UTM Parameters and How to Use Them to Track Your Traffic

UTMs are simple tags that you add to your links. Once clicked, the tags are ‘sent’ to Backstage, Taboola's Management Dashboard and tracked. Basically, UTMs are like GPS trackers for your links. You can find out how much traffic came from a particular Facebook post instead of Facebook referrals in general. You can tag your Tweets and compare traffic from your Twitter account to overall Twitter referrals. You can tag the content you are running through Taboola and see which campaign drove the highest value for you. You can use UTM parameters in newsletters, cost per click (CPC) campaigns, on your blog and more.

  • Do you know where your site traffic is coming from?

  • Do you know which campaigns drive the most traffic?

  • Do you know which channels drive the highest conversions?

UTMs can provide answers to these questions and more.