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Need Help?
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If you placed the code but do not see the widget render, please check the following:

1. Use our Taboola Widget Code Overview guide to make sure you have implemented all the pieces of code correctly.

2. If you use WordPress, make sure to follow the WordPress plugin instructions for implementation. Make sure you add the Pub ID and Widget ID needed for the Wordpress integration.

3. Make sure the <Head> section of the code and the flush code are placed on your site.

4. You must allow the widget 1 hour from implementation to render.

5. Please clear your cache and view the widget in ‘Incognito Mode’ in Chrome.

6. Make sure not to alter or make any changes to the code.

7. Please make sure you have asked a Taboola representative to add your site to our network. If your site is not already in our network, the code will not render.

If all of the above was done correctly and you still run into issues, please email for further assistance.