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Tracking with UTM Parameters |

Tracking with UTM Parameters

Tracking with UTM Parameters

What are the Different Types of UTM Parameters?

  1. Campaign Source (utm_source) – Required parameter to identify the source of your traffic such as search engine, newsletter, Taboola or other referral.

  2. Campaign Medium (utm_medium) – Required parameter to identify the medium the link was used upon such as email, CPC, or another method of sharing.

  3. Campaign Term (utm_term) – Optional parameter suggested for paid search to identify keywords for your ad. You can skip this for Google AdWords if you have connected your AdWords and Analytics accounts and use the auto-tagging feature instead.

  4. Campaign Content (utm_content) – Optional parameter for additional details for A/B testing and content-targeted ads.

  5. Campaign Name (utm_campaign) – Required parameter to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaigns such as a spring sale or other promotion.

Now that you know the different parameters you can use to understand your traffic let’s look at the ways you can build your links with UTM parameters.

You can use the Google Analytics URL Builder or add the convenient GA URL Builder & Shortener plugin for Chrome, just fill in the form with your URL and parameters and your URL will be generated. Then copy and paste it into your campaigns.

URL_BUILDER_FOR_CHROME.png           GA URL Builder and Shortener - input fields - Taboola Publisher Help Center

Once you hit submit, you will get a link that looks like this:

  • UTM parameters are initialized by the question mark “?” at the end of your selected URL

  • Every UTM parameter starts with its name (e.g. utm_source, etc.) which is followed by an equal sign “=” which is then followed by the input/argument (no spaces)

  • Each UTM parameter is separated by an ampersand sign “&.”

In the example above, the UTM when you review my site traffic and campaign, you will understand exactly which campaigns came from which channels - such as Facebook (UTM Source), Social (UTM Medium) and the specific promotion Book-launch-2016 (Campaign Name).