Taboola Widget Code Overview |

Taboola Widget Code Overview

Taboola Widget Code Overview

Taboola's widgets embedded on your web pages engages your visitors and drives traffic to your sites. The widgets add content items to, for example, your web page sidebars or footers and you control whether they will be added to show only on your homepage but not inner pages or reverse.

Implementing Taboola's widget requires little code experience or expertise. The widgets can be added or removed easily. You will be provided with some HTML code and directions for site placement.

Taboola Best Practices - Right Rail - Publisher Help Center 

Image: Taboola's Best Practice is a 1x4 Right-Rail widget.

The widgets offer publishers valuable insights as they enable readers to provide feedback on recommended content items and mark those they deem irrelevant and do not wish to view again. This data is then funneled back into Taboola's learning algorithm as an important signal to improve the performance of the recommendations. Data on user preferences will be made available to publishers, providing additional insight.