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Add the Taboola Widget

Add the Taboola Widget

For each recommendation module, Taboola must know at least two properties: which UI template to use for the module and where to place the module on the page. The different UI templates are called “modes” in the Taboola API and usually, have names that follow their general layout and any special properties they have (e.g. 'thumbnails-a' or 'organic-text-links').

The places where the modules are rendered on the page are called “containers” in the Taboola API. They are usually specified as either an id of an HTML <div> tag or as an id of a player on the page. You will also have a placement name for each location of a widget on your page. The placement name is descriptive and is what is used to break out widget locations in your reporting interface.

Sample Module Code for Taboola Widget Implementation - Publisher Help Center

Image: Taboola's Best Practice is a 3x2 widget.