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What is Content Monetization?

Content Monetization is 'art' of gaining revenue from content items on a website or app meaning that you can earn money from online assets such as desktop and mobile websites, blog posts, videos, images, etc. by ‘renting’ primary space on publisher websites such as the sidebar, footer, header or within article content.

Recommended content has been shown to drive higher engagement and click-through rates than other forms of advertising such as display and search. With Taboola’s content discovery widget placed on a publisher site, the publisher can easily generate additional revenue every time a user clicks on a piece of branded content in the widget and is redirected to the advertiser’s content. Taboola’s behavioral targeting increases the likelihood that recommended content will lead to increased engagement and ROI.

Right Rail

Taboola Best Practices - Right Rail - Publisher Help Center


Footer Placement (below article)

Taboola Best Practices - Below Article-Footer Widget - Publisher Help Center

Mid-Article Placement

Taboola - In-article placement