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Content Approval Process

Content Approval Process

Taboola's content marketplace is the largest in the industry with 5 million items of content (and growing) at any given moment, so publishers always have new and interesting content items to share with their readers. 
Even with so much new content coming in, Taboola has stringent content guidelines which lay out the types of content that are acceptable and what is not (including, but not limited to, fake news). 
Every piece of content distributed on Taboola’s network is manually reviewed and categorized by a live person to ensure all our content guidelines are followed. That means an actual person (or team of people) read through each and every item that comes through our network to make sure we always uphold the highest content standards.
Our disclosure guidelines ensure that before someone clicks on a piece of content on our network, they can easily determine where the content is coming from and whether or not it is sponsored content.

Another layer of security we implement is our post-approval safety process team. This team reviews the entire Taboola network daily to ensure incorrect content doesn’t fall through the cracks.

And finally, Taboola Choice allows all users who see any content they feel may be fake or deceptive to flag the content or that they simply don't like, allowing the platform to continuously learn and improve personalized recommendations to the readers and on your sites from direct feedback. Our team evaluates any complaints to make sure none of our guidelines have been breached.

In addition to our strict content vetting processes, Taboola's publishers always maintain full control over what content Taboola can recommend on their sites and our tools they don't want to have published on their sites. 
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