Taboola signs exclusive partnership with the Marie-Claire group |

Marie-Claire renews its partnership with Taboola for a second time to increase the monetization of its sites

Taboola, the world’s leading content discovery platform, continues its long collaboration with the Marie-Claire group, which began in 2015. The partnership will see Marie-Claire continue to successfully use Taboola’s recommended content solution, as well as its integrated video platform. This combination creates an engaging user experience for Marie-Claire’s audience, while allowing the publisher to monetize its site and optimize its organic content.

The Marie-Claire group is home to a number of well-known brands, with a readership of nearly 13.2 million, including 9.7 million women across three areas : feminine, lifestyle and parental. Of note, the group publishes Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, Magic Maman, Avantages, Stylist, Cuisine et Vins de France and la Revue des Vins de France.

The partnership has so far seen great results, with Marie-Claire experiencing an increased RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions). Moreover, Taboola’s native formats generate additional revenue while preserving the user's experience, by offering them clearly identified sponsored items among organic content in their feed.

In addition to site monetization, Marie-Claire uses Taboola's technologies to optimize the recirculation of its organic content, generating new subscriptions or publishing content to premium spaces such as Marie-Claire Maison. With Taboola's algorithms creating a personalized experience,readers develop a greater appetite for the Marie-Claire Group's brands , increasing the number of pages viewed, as well as the time spent on each site.

Taboola partners with more than 800 premium publishers in France, helping them to promote their content in brand-safe environments.

About Taboola

Taboola enables over 1.4B people to discover what’s interesting and new at the moments they’re most ready to explore. Powered by Deep Learning, AI, and a large dataset, Taboola’s discovery platform creates new monetization, audience and engagement opportunities for digital properties, including publishers, mobile carriers and handset manufacturers. Advertisers use Taboola to reach their target audience when they’re most receptive to new messages, products and services.

Some of the most innovative digital properties in the world have long term, exclusive relationships with Taboola, including CNBC, NBC News, USA TODAY, BILD, Sankei, Huffington Post, Microsoft, Business Insider, The Independent, and Le Figaro. Taboola, now over 1,300 people globally, is headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, Mexico City, São Paulo, London, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sydney.

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