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Taboola Newsroom

Taboola Newsroom

Newsroom is a set of real-time dashboards for editors and reporters that your editorial team with performance insights and leverages the Taboola widget to measure traffic and other engagement metrics on all pages that carry the widget.

It can also recommend actions to your editorial teams that can help drive traffic to your sites. For real-time insights, Newsroom can help you see how stories are performing across a variety of metrics and dimensions from social, search, your homepage, and other sources.

You can also go back and look at metrics from one hour (depending on the configuration of your data) to 30 days ago, for historical comparisons. In addition to overall performance, Newsroom provides alerts to help you spot instant hits, let you know when an article’s performance presents signs of potential success on social or when an article’s search performance evolves.

These alerts will often include recommended actions you can take. You do not have to engage with the Newsroom dashboard to leverage its insights: you can subscribe to alerts by email or via Slack.

For more information about the availability of Taboola Newsroom for your editorial team, please contact your Taboola representative.

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