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Promoting Content in Backstage

Promoting Content in Backstage

The 'Promote Content' section in backstage allows you to increase the frequency with which a particular item will appear in the Taboola widget. You can simply enter the item ID or a URL, the placement (location) where you want the item to appear (home page, section front, story page) as well as the category.

The Item ID or the content’s URL can be used to exclude a particular item.

For example: 
Content Page URL:
Content Item ID: /news/news/local/toys-tots-donations-honor-captain-herb-emory/njSBT/

Promote Content in Taboola Backstage -Publishers


Once you have the Content Item ID or URL, 
1. Click “Promote Content” 
2. Paste the content Item ID into box 
3. Select appropriate content type (Article/Video/Photo)
4. Click “ +Add” button 
5. Select Placement / Sub-Placement / Category (N/A)
* Placement – location where you want the item to appear (eg. Story Pages)
* Sub-Placement – focus promotion further if applicable (eg. Story Pages/Blog)
* Category – focus promotion further if applicable (eg. Sports)
6. Promotion Strength (Boost or Force)
* Boost will not guarantee item is shown but will give it a 2x promo factor
* Force will guarantee item is shown on all page views of the selected section / placement
7. Time frame - Default is 7 days or can specify desired time period

Location: You can also target the promotion to a specific section of your site. 
For example: If you have a new sports video that you want to appear only on the Sports Section Front, you can select “Section Front” and under category select “Sports”.