Gurugram, India

Shift Lead


The Shift Lead (Frontline Services) provides top-of-the-line service to its internal and external clients. The Shift Lead role is very crucial for the success of Frontline Services as they are precisely in-charge of the Frontline Services operation during a particular shift and fully accountable for every aspect of delivery. To become a FLS Shift Lead, you need to have solid hands on experience in one the domains (Pub or Adv), working experience in complimentary domain.

Some of the critical deliverables but not all are listed below:

  • Act as a board manager and take ownership of timely & correctly assignment of tickets to different team members in the shift. Also, keep a close watch on ticket inflow, ticket resolution and pending tickets in different stages during the shift to ensure that the KPIs are not compromised.
  • Collaborate and coordinate like a pro with different team members, tech/team leads for knowledge and process improvements.
  • Proactively identify the gaps in ticket handling and everyone in the shift is aligned to deliver the customer experience by ensuring the quality and timeliness.
  • Act as a mentor during the shift and help team members to make progress on investigations they are struggling with and be the escalation point
  • Review and ensure right escalation is being made to L2 team and own the shift left during the shift
  • Be responsible to communicate messages from management with rationale and address the initial level of conflicts related to work assignment
  • Take end to end ownership of incident management from identifying the exact issue, related details, timely and correct communication, working with relevant stakeholders to come up with the resolution, RCA etc.
  • Be ready to pull off the sleeves and join the force in case of increased workload, unavailability of team members etc.
  • Work on feedback from business, management and team members to bring needed changes to effectively deliver value to our business.
  • Be the role model to the team members by demonstrating PS principles (Be an expert, Client Centric, Specialisation and Globalization) and values in every interaction
  • Data driven and have laser focus on different aspects of the operation i.e.Operational Excellence and Customer Centricity.