Taboola Launches ‘Instant’ Mobile Content Recommendations for Publishers with AMP

At Taboola, our vision is to connect people with information they may like and never knew existed. Think of a search engine, but in reverse -- instead of expecting people to type keywords into a search box, relevant information from across the web can find the right people at the right time.

We believe that the fast and seamless delivery of information is key to the online user experience. This mission has recently been top-of-mind for our team, as we’ve been working with Google on the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, an open source initiative that enables publishers to create mobile-optimized content that can load instantly everywhere.

Mobile devices have rapidly expanded the reach and depth of global Internet usage, but their limited bandwidth and smaller screen sizes have posed new challenges for online publishers and digital marketers. Too many recent attempts at monetizing mobile audiences have resulted in a cluttered user experience, with pages taking too long to load, pausing or re-loading for no reason, or any number of other disruptive phenomena.

Our team has long been passionate about streamlining the mobile experience, while supporting new strategies around engagement and monetization. Today, we’re excited to announce that as a launch partner with AMP, publishers can now embed Taboola’s personalized content recommendations on AMP pages using a simple embed code, driving users to relevant on-site content as well as sponsored stories from across the web.

We’re also proud to have our R&D team contributing to the AMP initiative, including the new heights attribute (allowing additional control over the responsive behavior of AMP elements), and the amp-embed tag (that allows semantic accuracy for 3rd party integrations that share functionality with amp-ad but aren’t quite ads).

AMP not only improves the user experience through lightning-quick load times and cleaner page designs, but its open framework allows publishers to integrate all kinds of units that drive engagement and monetization, including analytics, subscription systems, content recommendations (like Taboola), and more.

Working alongside Google and other launch partners, we’ve experienced first-hand the leading expertise and thoroughness of the AMP team, and look forward to contributing more to the AMP project going forward. In the coming weeks, we’ll also be launching new AMP integrations with publisher partners including The Atlantic (live example here), Business Insider, Die Welt (Axel Springer), ESI (The Independent, London Evening Standard), NDTV, and more.

For a demo of Taboola’s AMP integration, you can view our live implementation further down the page beneath this article. (If you haven’t noticed already, this is an AMP page!)

The recommendations you see below were created by pasting the following embed code in the page source:

<amp-embed width=100 height=100
    heights="(min-width:1060px) 57%, (min-width:908px) 60%, (min-width:780px) 64%, (min-width:670px) 85%, (min-width:566px) 91%, (min-width:480px) 98%, (min-width:433px) 171%, (min-width:372px) 180%, 190%"
    data-placement="Responsive example - AMP"

Taboola’s AMP-ready content recommendations are fully responsive and will appear completely optimized on all screen sizes. For additional technical details, please see the following link.

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